Searching for offers on the Freight exchange

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Who can use this function?

Function available to forwarders (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and carriers (TFC - Trans for Carriers).

From this article you will learn:

  • how the Freight exchange module works
  • how to search for offers on the Freight exchange
  • how to search for offers for a specific vehicle within the Fleet module

Freight exchange

The Freight exchange is available in the menu bar. Clicking on this module takes you to the offer table. The list of offers refreshes in real time, all offers are automatically removed from the exchange after the date of unloading.

Widok wybranej oferty na liście

In the exchange offer row you can find the following information:

  • PRICE (if the rate is specified in the offer, it is displayed; if not, the field remains blank)
  • SUBMITTED (date and time of publishing the offer on the exchange)
  • SUBMITTER (name of the company and the person who published the offer )

Podstawowe opcje wyszukiwania ofert

Searching for offers on the freight exchange

  1. Specify your parameters and start searching for offers.
Podstawowe opcje wyszukiwania ofert

You have the option of searching only for offers that mention the body type you need. To do this, select Show only in the Body type section.

  1. Select an offer. A window with its details opens on the right-hand side.
Więcej informacji o ofercie w widoku szuflady

Under the Employees tab, you can check the number of published offers and transactions concluded by individual employees of a given company. When hovering the mouse cursor over this area, the data for the last 30 days and the last year is displayed.

Searching for loads for a specific vehicle within the Fleet module

  1. Go to the Fleet tab, where you have, as an example, profiles of the two vehicles the company owns.
Step 1 image

  1. Taking the other vehicle on the list as an example, go to the details drawer.
Step 2 image

  1. Click More and select Search for a load.
Step 3 image

You will be redirected to the Freight exchange, where a newly created tab will take over the name of the vehicle.

Step 4 image

In the newly opened tab, filters will be set according to the parameters of your vehicle.

Step 5 image

  1. By expanding the filters, you are able to narrow down your search criteria.
Step 6 image

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