Searching for offers on the freight exchange

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Who can use this function?

The function is available for forwarders (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and carriers (TFC - Trans for Carriers).

From this article you will learn:

  • how the Search loads module works
  • how to search for offers in the Search loads module
  • how to search for offers for a specific vehicle in the Fleet module

How does the Search loads module work?

The Search loads module is available in the menu on the left. Clicking on the module takes you to the offers table.

The list of offers refreshes automatically, all offers after the unloading date are automatically removed from the freight exchange.

Widok wybranej oferty na liście

The offer in the freight exchange includes the following information:

  • PUBLICATION PRICE (if the rate was provided in the offer, it will be visible, otherwise the field will be empty)
  • PUBLICATION DATE (date and time of adding the offer to the freight exchange)
  • ORDERER (PUBLISHER) (name of the company and name and surname of the person who published the offer) 
Dates and times are presented in the local time of the loading and unloading location. Each user sees the same dates and times for a given freight, regardless of their time zone.

Podstawowe opcje wyszukiwania ofert

Searching for offers on the freight exchange

  1. Select the Search loads module and specify the offer parameters. Click Search to see a list of offers that meet your requirements. If you need more specific filters, click MORE FILTERS to expand them.
Podstawowe opcje wyszukiwania ofert

Example: you can search for offers with the body type you are interested in. In the Body type section, select Show only.

On the list of search results, for each item you can:

  • Add to watched - click the star
  • Start a conversation about the offer and negotiations - click on the name and surname of the contractor
  • Perform other actions - click three dots

  1. Select an offer. A window with offer details will open on the right.
Więcej informacji o ofercie w widoku szuflady

You can start negotiating freight here. You can also check the route, details and other information.

All offers marked with an asterisk, as well as those that you are discussing and negotiating, can be found in the Under negotiation and watched tab in the Search loads module.

If your offer or the one of another person from your company has been accepted, you will find it in the Accepted tab in the Search loads module.

However, if the negotiation was not successful, the offer goes to the Archive tab in the Search loads module.

Searching for loads for a specific vehicle in the Fleet module 

To search for a load for a specific vehicle, make sure you have a completed fleet. Check how to do it here.

  1. Click on the Fleet module.
Step 1 image

  1. Select a vehicle from the list.
Step 2 image

  1. Click More and select Search for a load.
Step 3 image

You will be redirected to the Search loads module, where a new tab will be created, which will take over the name of the vehicle.

Step 4 image

Filters corresponding to the parameters of your vehicle will be added to the newly created tab.

Step 5 image

Expand the filters to narrow down the search criteria.
Step 6 image

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