Add a freight offer

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Who can use this function?

Function available to all Platform and CargoON users.

Read the instructions below to learn how to:

  • publish a freight offer on the exchange
  • assign contact persons to an offer
  • how to quickly add freight offers one by one

  1. Select the Freights module, Search loads or Vehicle exchange from the left-hand menu.

  1. Click the green Add freight button.
  2. Fill in the form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk:
  • date and time
  • loading and unloading place

For each operation (loading, unloading, customs clearance, etc.) you can set a range of days and hours. To use this option, select Range.

The maximum possible range is 30 days counted from the selected first day of loading.
The day ranges for loading and unloading may overlap.
  • vehicle requirements: vehicle size and body type

You can select up to 5 body types within one freight publication form

  • under Show other requirements you can add Vehicle details
  • if you wish to clear the offer parameters, simply click the Clear form button

  • select the freight publication mode: Exchanges, To selected, Fixed routes, Automatic rules
  • enter a price
  • select the due date for freight payment from the options available (you can set a default date)
  • set a deadline for submitting offers
  • select a contact person from the list to get in touch with the contractors

From now on, you can designate more than one contact person. If you want contractors to get in touch only with your colleagues - uncheck yourself from the list.

The default time set for submitting offers is the day of loading, up to 23:00 and is updated as soon as a change is made to the Loading Date field.

  1. Publish the freight with the green button.

If you want to add another freight with similar parameters, tick the Add another freight checkbox before publishing. As soon as this offer is published, a new form will automatically open for you with the same data in the fields. This way you can quickly add another offer with similar parameters.

  1. The published offer can be found in the Added tab of the Freights module.

Send an order automatically

This functionality allows you to complete the next steps in the logistics process faster.
It is available to all users of Trans for Forwarders and CargoON.

Enabling this option triggers a process which ensures that as soon as the freight is accepted, your contractor will immediately receive the order on the Platform. You do not have to manually enter the terms and conditions in the order, they will be completed automatically.

You can turn on these improvements in two places:

  1. In the Orders module
  • click the Settings button

  • select Freights from the list of settings
  • the Automatic order sending option is disabled, the slider is in grey

  • to enable it, simply move the slider, the green colour means that Automatic order sending has been enabled and is active for all users' accounts in your company

If this option is enabled and you do not want the order to be sent automatically once the freight has been accepted by the contractor, uncheck this option on the freight publication form.

  1. In your account settings
  • On the Platform, click on the avatar icon with a photo or initials

  • select Settings from the list
  • follow the steps as mentioned above, select Freights from the list of settings and, by moving the slider to the green colour, turn on the Automatic order sending option

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