Automation rule settings

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Who can use this function?

The function is available for forwarders (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and for users of the CargoON product line.

From this article you will learn:

  • how to filter automation rules
  • how to search for automation rules
  • how to delete, edit and copy rules
  • how to manage the priority of automation rules

Filtering rules

If your list of rules is quite long, use the filtering options, enter the necessary data and confirm your choice with the green button "Show results"

Searching for rules

  • If you want to quickly find a rule on the list, use the search window.

  • Search example, the name of the place of loading and unloading Berlin was entered, the search results will appear on the list.

Deleting, editing and copying rules

The added rule can be:

  1. edited,
    You cannot edit the rule parameters because it was created from the contracted route. If you want to change these parameters, change the definition of the fixed route.
    Only the right part of the form can be edited.

  1. copied,
  2. deleted.

Click on the selected rule in the list of rules. In the open drawer, click More and select the action you are interested in.

You can also disable the rule.

If you delete a rule, it will be deleted for your entire company.

If the scenario of an existing rule changes, e.g. a group or fixed route is deleted, the rule will be automatically blocked.

Rule priority management

With the option to set rule priority, you can quickly change the order of your rules. Use the drop-down list to change the number next to a given rule, the change will be automatically saved on the list.

During freight publication, the system will suggest rules based on the priority order you have set.

In the Activity column, you can disable the rule using the slider.

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