Management of sent freights

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Types of offers in Sent freights

You share the Freights module with other employees from your company. All the offers published by the company:

  • to the Exchange
  • to group of carriers
  • with the use of the SmartMatch algorithm

are placed in the Sent tab with the status: Waiting for offers.

The list of Sent freights will also include created freights that have not been published yet. They are in the Draft status.

My freight offers

In the top right-hand corner of the Freights module you can publish a freight by selecting Add freight. Read Adding a freight offer to learn how to complete the form step by step.

To display only your freight offers, filter the list using the Show only my freights checkbox.

Managing published freights

In the Sent tab you can:

  • negotiate and monitor - in the offer details - the progress of ongoing negotiations for all company freights
  • add or remove - from the list - the person responsible for a given freight by clicking the pencil icon, which will appear in the employee column next to his/her name
  • perform - next to offers with appropriate statuses - operations such as: refreshing, copying, editing, publishing, deleting and archiving offers

Filtering and sorting offers

In the Sent tab you can use the search engine and advanced filters that will allow you to quickly find a specific offer.

It is possible to sort columns, simply hover the mouse over one of them until a hand icon appears on it.

Negotiating published offers

By clicking on the appropriate item from the list in the Sent tab and then going to the window with the details of a given offer in the Carriers' offers tab, you can:

  1. Negotiate rates with carriers. For this purpose, in the rate field, change the amount proposed by the carrier and then click Send.
The price proposal you send for an exchange offer is valid for 15 minutes. The measured time is shown above the name of the company that submitted the offer.
  1. Accept the carrier's offer by clicking Accept.
After accepting the carrier's offer, the freight is automatically moved to the Archive tab.
  1. Reject the carrier's offer by clicking Reject.

For exchange offers, the rejection applies to a specific price proposal, so the offer remains on the list and either party can submit further price proposals.
  1. Close negotiations with a given shipper by clicking Finish negotiations.
This option is available only for offers published to the exchange. By clicking Finish negotiations both you and the carrier will not be able to send further price proposals for a given freight.

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