Functions of the Contractors module

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In the Contractors module you can:

  • search for companies active on the Platform
  • learn more about your potential contractors
  • build a database of trusted contractors

Clients using the TFF (for freight forwarders) and TFS (for shippers) product lines can also create groups of trusted companies for cooperation. Possibilities of creating groups are unlimited. You can select criteria and carriers yourself according to your needs and goals, e.g. companies for a specific region or type of body.

Learn how to create contractor groups and assign companies from them by reading this article.

  • View of the Contractors module (TFC product line)

  • View of the Contractors module in the TFF (for forwarders) and TFS (for shippers) product lines

Database of companies using the Platform

To get information about the company of your interest:

  • go to the "Contractors" module
  • click the "Companies" tab
  • in the search engine type a name, VAT number or TransId of the company you are looking for
  • click on the search results to view detailed information about a given company

Learn how to add a company to contractors by creating a database of trusted companies by going to this article.
Remember! In this area there are also filters available.

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