Functions of the Contractors module

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Who can use this function?​

This function is available to all users of the platform and CargoON.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • find information about a contractor
  • create a contractor group

Searching for information about a contractor on the platform

  1. Go to the Contractors module and click on the Companies tab. In the search box, enter the name, Tax ID or TransID of the company you are looking for. Select the company from the list to see more details.

See this article to learn how to add a company to the contractors and create a database of trusted companies.
Remember! There are also filters available in this area.

Creating groups of contractors

Users of the TFF product line (for forwarders) and CargoON (for shippers), can create groups of trusted companies to work with. You can select criteria and carriers according to your needs and objectives, e.g. companies for a specific region or body type.

See this article to learn how to create contractor groups and assign companies to them.

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