Adding company to contractors

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Adding company to contractors

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Individually, adding individual companies to the contractor database.
  • in the Contractors module, go to the "Companies" tab
  • enter the company's name or tax identification number in the search window
  • in the list, next to the appropriate item, click "Add to contractors"

  1. Collectively, while adding to the contractor base several companies with whom you work.
  • in the Contractors module, go to the "Companies" tab
  • in the window, search for individual companies by entering their name or tax identification number
  • on the right, select which companies you want to add to the accounts
  • click on "Add to contractor"
At this stage, you can also directly assign a company/companies to the group by clicking "Add to group", in this way selected companies will be automatically added to the list of your contractors. This option is available only for the TFF product line (for the shipper) and TFS (for the shipper). If you need more information about creating and managing groups, go to the article.

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