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Who can use this function?

This function is available to forwarders (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and carriers (TFC - Trans for Carriers).

From this article you will learn how to:

  • refresh offers automatically
  • name exchange tabs
  • edit filter parameters

Automatic refreshing of offers

  1. On the freight exchange, set a search filter.
The highlighted tab and the displayed counter mean that there are new offers in the set filter. 

Automatyczne odświeżanie ofert w tle

  1. Go to the tab to view the new offers.
Powiadomienia o nowych ofertach

  1. Click on the New offers message to see them listed in colour.
Nowe oferty są podświetlone na pomarańczowo

Offers that you have already viewed are grayed out in the list.

Oferty już widziane wcześniej są normalnego szarego koloru

Naming exchange tabs

When filtering exchange offers, the name of the tab matches the name of the saved filter.

To name your exchange tabs, save sets of filters under their respective names.

  1. After setting the filter parameters, click Save.
Zapisz filtry pod konkretną nazwą

  1. When filtering the exchange offer table, use one of the saved filters in the drop-down list and click Search.
Wybierz zapisany filtr z listy

In the exchange offer table, there will appear a tab with the name matching the name of the saved filter.

W taki sposób widzisz teraz kartę filtru z konkretną nazwą

Editing a filter parameter

When filtering the exchange offer table, you specify parameters which are displayed as labels at the top of the table in the search results. By clicking on the label, you are able to edit it.

  1. The selected filter parameters are displayed as labels. Click on the relevant label to edit it.
Widok wybranych parametrów wyszukiwania

  1. Edit the selected parameter and click Search.
Edytuj wybrane parametry
This is also where parameters can be removed.

  1. To remove a given parameter, click the X sign on the label.

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