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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all Platform and CargoON users.

Learn more about the Dashboard module and widgets.

Basic information about the widget

Add TransBarometer to your Dashboard if you want to have quick access to the current information about the ratio between the number of offers and the number of available free vehicles in a particular location. 


  • belongs to the widgets from the Freights category,
  • is dedicated for clients and contractors,
  • presents data collected based on the number of offers of vehicles and loads added and searched on the exchange,
  • displays data in real-time,
  • can be added to your Dashboard only once.

Widget navigation

The components of the TransBarometer widget are:

  1. Loading address - here you will specify the location for which the widget will show data.
By default, in the Loading address, the localization of your company is provided.
  1. Refresh option - allows you to manually refresh the data.
Data on the widget refreshes each time you enter the Dashboard module.
  1. Update date - it is the date and time, from which the Widget downloaded the data from the Platform.
  2. Chart - shows the current information about the vehicles and freights availability (outer, green semicircle) and the vehicles and freights demand (inner, blue semicircle)
  3. State of balance indicator (the arrow) - shows the balance between the number of freights and the number of vehicles.
  4. Radius offers search - by using a slider you can set the radius range of offers searching.
    The radius is provided in kilometers.
    Its range is from 5 km to 1000 km.
    It is measured from the provided loading address.

How to analyze the data

TransBarometer displays current information about the availability of vehicles and loads in a particular place. Data is collected on the basis of added and searched offers.

After defining the loading location, the chart will present the percentage of load offers and available vehicles.

The data is presented with two semicircles: green and blue.

  1. The green semicircle shows data related to the added offers:
  • The light green part of the semi-circle shows the percentage of vehicles available.
  • The dark green part shows the available freight percentage.
  1. The blue semicircle shows data related to searching for offers:
  • The light blue part shows the percentage of vehicle demand.
  • The dark blue part shows the percentage of freight demand.

When you hover over the selected part of the chart, the data will be displayed in the tooltip.

If the arrow is tilted in any direction, it means that there is greater demand for vehicles and/or loads in a given location.

Thanks to this knowledge, you can conduct negotiations faster and more effectively from the very beginning. Based on the assessment of the market situation, you can determine the starting price.

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