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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all users of the and CargoON Platform.

Learn more about the Dashboard and widgets module.

Basic information about the widget

Add the Top carriers widget to your Dashboard to see which carriers handle the most of your orders.

The Top carriers widget :

  • belongs to widgets from the Orders category,
  • is addressed to clients,
  • presents data collected on the basis of all accepted freights and orders over the last 30 days,
  • shows data for the entire company and for the user,
  • presents historical data,
  • can be added to your Dashboard more than once.

Widget navigation

The main elements of the Top carriers widget are:

  1. Company/user switch - allows you to switch the view to data displayed for the company or user.

If you select the view for the user, only freights published by the user will be displayed.
  1. As of today - information from which day the data is presented.
  2. List of carriers - we present a maximum of 10 carriers. The overview is displayed in table with columns:
  • Carrier - Carrier name and trend (green or red arrow).
  • Quantity - the total number of orders for a given carrier.
  • Countries - icon of 3 countries where operations were carried out (loading, unloading).

How to analyze data?

  1. To facilitate data analysis, add the widget twice (you can add the widget up to 9 times).
You can learn how to add a widget to the Dashboard in the article Widgets - basic information.

Set the user view on one widget and the company view on the other.

  1. Based on the above data, you can see which carriers are selected most often for orders by the user and the entire company.
  • On the left side, next to the carrier names, you can see a red or green arrow - they show the trend compared to the previous period (meaning the result from the last 30 days is compared to the result from the previous 30 days).

If there is no arrow next to the carrier's name, it means that the result has not changed. When you hover over the carrier's name, a tooltip will appear with the username and information about your previous position in the ranking.

  • The second column of the ranking contains the number of orders completed by a given carrier.
  • The next column contains the flags of 3 countries representing the routes where orders were handled.These are the three most popular directions. When you hover over the flag, you will see the name of the country and the number of orders in the tooltip.

The number of orders shown in the tooltip is a unique number being a sum of unloading and unloading operations in a given country. For example: If the carrier traveled from Poland to Austria, we count: Poland - 1, Austria - 1. If the carrier traveled on the route in Poland, we count: Poland - 1

Thanks to the ranking of the most frequently chosen carriers, you know which carrier handles the most of your orders and on which routes. It can be helpful for:

  • building strong relationships with carriers,
  • negotiations,
  • quantitative assessment of cooperation with a particular carrier,
  • verifying which carrier is the most frequently chosen contractor for operations in a particular country,
  • identifying which carriers can be considered regular partners,
  • building the company's image among recipients.

By analyzing the trend, you can easily identify whether the number of executed orders is increasing, decreasing or staying at the same level, which allows you to implement changes.

For example, by observing a positive trend with one of the carriers, you can implement actions that will strengthen your cooperation.

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