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Who can use this function?

Function available to CargoON and Trans for Forwarders users who have purchased the complementary product: Business Intelligence Reports.

Reports are visible to users specified by the company ordering access.

Learn more about BI Reports.

BI Reports is a module run as an additional functionality of the Platform.

The reports are generated with the use of algorithms that analyse anonymised data from available freights to create an up-to-date picture of the market situation and provide a tool for making better business decisions.

  • The data presented in the reports is created on the basis of your activities on the Platform, primarily in the Freights module. It means that a prerequisite for the reports is that you have access to the Platform and actively use it.
  • The reports are generated for individual company users of the platform who have the report functionality activated.
Access to the reports is granted per user. The fee for the reports is dependent on the number of users with access.
  • The number of accounts with the BI Reports module depends on the subscription amount. The contract period is one year (12 months from the date of conclusion).
  • Each report is of a dynamic nature, allowing the authorized user to check its results by filtering out the selected data.
  • Some reports have the option to export predefined data (e.g. Freight list report). The data is updated regularly, once a day.
  • The information presented in the report is available only in English.
Hide the main Platform menu on the left-hand side to make reading reports more comfortable.

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