Loads Exchange

The new technology makes the Exchange on the Trans.eu Platform faster. The modern design allows you to view submitted offers more efficiently, and advanced filters allow you to select many (up to 10)…

Updated 3 hours ago by Ania

How to confirm the validity of the offer on the Platform

If you want your freight to go to the top of the load list, use the "Confirm the offer is up to date" option, this way you will let others know that your offer is still valid. How does it work on the…

Updated 1 month ago by Ania

Edition of the route in the preview of the offer

You can freely modify the route parameters and return to the recommended settings at any time. Why edit route in the offer preview? In the offer window in the preview of a large map, we have introduc…

Updated 5 days ago by Ania

Automatic refreshing of offers on the Loads Exchange

The list of offers on the Loads Exchange is refreshed automatically, thanks to which new offers are visible immediately How does the automatic refreshing of offers on the Freight Exchange work? Set t…

Updated 1 month ago by Ania

Load offers from the Exchange visible on the Maps

The ability to display available offers on the Maps view will speed up your work. This is a convenient alternative to the table on the Loads Exchange. We have also added the option of searching loads on the route - all current offers will be visible on Maps. This reduces the need to work in multiple tabs or set a large search radius in filters on the Loads Exchange.

Updated 1 month ago by Ania

Better results of filtering offers on the load exchange

Trans.eu Platform Filters make it very easy to find matching offers on the load exchange. Detailed specification of expectations means that you do not have to manually check each of the thousands of…

Updated 1 month ago by Krzysztof

Search for loads and vehicles by short postal codes

Searching for free loads and vehicles by incomplete postcodes shortens the time needed to set preferred search criteria and expands the search area (by the area covered by a given code), and thus fac…

Updated 1 month ago by Szczepan

Possibility of excluding loading or unloading places

Option to exclude loading or unloading places in search filters on the load exchange. By filtering offers on the load exchange, you can already exclude loading or unloading countries. This is a new v…

Updated 1 week ago by Krzysztof

Filtering load exchange - new possibilities

New filters available after clicking on "MORE FILTERS". If you use the menu on the left side, select the "Exchange" module next to "Load exchange" , and click "MORE FILTERS". With the menu in the bar…

Updated 1 month ago by Diana Siuchnińska

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