Freight templates

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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all users of the Platform and CargoON.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • create a freight template
  • use the created template
  • delete a freight template

If you often add freights with the same parameters, you can create templates with the most common freight parameters. Find out how to create templates.

Add a template

  1. In the Freights module, click the Add freight button.
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  1. Fill in any fields (e.g., freight details, publication mode, recipients).
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  1. Save it by clicking the Save as template button.
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You can save up to 100 templates.

  1. Save the template using the suggested name or entering the one you like.
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  1. Click Save.
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Use the template you created

  1. If you want to use the creaed template, click the Add freight button in the Freights module.
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  1. Click the Select a template button which is visible in the frame of the publication window.
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In the drop-down list you can find your templates divided into two sections: LAST USED and OTHERS.

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You can also use the search box.

Step 10 image

You cannot change the parameter and save the template under the same name.

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  1. Once the data has been entered, click the Publish freight button.
Step 12 image

The freight has been published.

Delete a freight template

  1. To delete a template, click "x" in the search list.
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  1. Confirm with the Delete template button.
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