(CargoOn) Negotiation and acceptance of the offer in Loads2Go!

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Negotiations and acceptance of the offer

To check responses to offers posted by you, negotiate rates and accept transactions:

  1. Click on the three dots on the right side of the screen and select My freight offers.
  2. Click on the Active tab.

In the Active tab you will find freight offers published on the exchange and private offers published to specific groups.
If you want to find out how to add an offer to the exchange, go to the article.

In the My freight offers tab, offers appear in frames of 4 different colors, specifying the statuses:

  • Gray - waiting for offers
  • Orange - search carrier, select a carrier
  • Green - the offer is accepted on both sides,
  • Red - search again, finished
  1. To view rate suggestions from carriers:
  • click on the offer with the Select carrier status

At this point you can negotiate an offer with the carrier or accept it.

  • if the freight offer is private, you will see the list of companies to which the freight offer was addressed and their proposed rates
  • if the freight offer is public, only the list of companies that responded to the offer by submitting their rate proposal will be displayed
You will be informed about all offers received from carriers in notifications, which will redirect you directly to the offer submitted.

If you want to know more about notifications, go to the article.
  1. You can use the rate proposed by the carrier:
  • accept by clicking "Accept"

  • reject by clicking on Reject
  • negotiate - enter your rate in the price field. After changing the rate, the Accept button will change to Negotiate. Click here to send your proposal to the contractor.

You can withdraw any rate offer sent by clicking the Withdraw button.

You can check your offer history by selecting Change History in the bid details. To see it, slide your finger on the screen to the left

Using the My Freight Offers module you can also:

  • check the offers added only by you

  • sort published offers
  • use filters to search for offers according to the criteria you are interested in browse the archive of published freight
  • browse the archive of published freight

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