Negotiations and acceptance of offers in the Messenger by the Carrier

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Concluding transactions on the platform is very important as it allows both parties to rate their contractor. Positive ratings build a competitive advantage and an image of a reliable company. In this article you will learn how to quickly make transactions through the Messenger and save time.

In order to send a rate proposal, negotiate or accept an offer in the Messenger:

  • in the offers table, on the loads exchange, click the 'cloud' icon next to the offer you are interested in
  • click the green 'Accept offer' button
  • enter an amount for which you can provide a transportation service and click 'Send offer'
In this place you can also change the currency in which you would like to be billed for the transportation service.
  • each time after sending a price offer, the time of its validity is measured by the blue line. The offer you placed is valid for 15 minutes.
Please note! It is the time when you block the ability of your company's employees to negotiate or accept this particular offer in the Messenger.
Offers submitted to carriers from the level of the FREIGHST Module are also valid for 15 minutes.
Remember! Sending a price offer or the ongoing negotiations temporarily blocks the possibility of conversation in the Instant Messenger's dialog box. Restoring the possibility of correspondence will appear when:
- the offer is accepted
- the offer is withdrawn
- the offer is rejected
- you receive a system message that your offer has not been answered

After sending the price proposal, it's time for a response from the shipper. You will be informed about his decision by a notification or in a conversation window, where a proper message will be displayed.

When the shipper receives your offer, he can do the following:

  1. start negotiations

This is when you can accept the shippers proposals by clicking 'Accept' or keep negotiating. In order to do this:

  • click on the window with the price proposed by the shipper
  • remove the specified value
  • enter your price proposal
  • click 'Negotiate'
Remember! The 'Negotiate' option will appear only when you change the amount proposed by the shipper.
  1. accept the offer placed by you

Negotiations which eventually led to acceptance of the transaction can be very long, thus, you can go back through their entire history at any time. To do so:

  • Click the green marker confirming acceptance of the transaction
  1. reject your offer
Remember! this option does not mean that negotiations with this user are definitively ended, but only that this particular price offer has been rejected. Therefore, both parties can resume negotiations at any time.
  1. leave your offer unanswered

Please note! If there is no reaction from the shipper, the below message will appear automatically 15 minutes after your offer is placed. This will unblock the the ability of another employee from your company to negotiate or accept the offer. You will receive a similar message if the Shipper chooses another carrier.

After submitting your offer, you can also withdraw it at any time. For this purpose:

  • To withdraw the offer, click 'Withdraw offer'

After withdrawing your offer, you can submit a new one.

The FREIGHTS module:
- is shared with other employees from your company;
- is a place where all rate proposals submitted by you and your colleagues, as well as ongoing negotiations, are recorded.

Due to full transparency in this area, other persons in the company who have blocked the possibility to conduct negotiations, in the FREIGHTS module, in the window with details, will display information about who from their company is currently negotiating a given offer.

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