Handling attachments in bookings and time slots by the shipper

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Who can use this function?

Function available to users of the CargoON product line and those who have the Dock Scheduler product and access to the Schedules module.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • enable adding attachments in a booking template,
  • add and manage attachments in bookings,
  • add and manage attachments in time slots.

Attachments in the basic booking template

To be able to add attachments to bookings and time slots, this function must be selected in a booking template for the relevant warehouse.

Booking template is a form to be filled in by the carrier at the time of booking. The data and parameters to be completed are essential for the shipper.
The Platform provides the basic (default) template. The option to add attachments is set there by default.
  1. Go to the Schedules module.

  1. Click on your avatar, then go to Settings.

  1. Select Schedules. In the Booking templates tab, click Preview next to the template: Basic

  1. In the Attachments section, the option for the shipper and the carrier to add attachments is already checked.

Enable attachments in a booking template

When creating a new booking template, you must set the option to add attachments on your own.

  1. Go to the Schedules module, click on your avatar and select Settings.

  1. In the Settings window, select the Schedules tab and the Booking templates. Click Add template.

  1. Complete the details of the booking. In the Attachments section, you can select:
  • options for both the shipper and the carrier to add attachments,
  • the option for the shipper only to add attachments,
  • the option for the carrier only to add attachments.

Attachments in templates can be enabled only as optional.

Click Save booking template once you have filled in the template.

Add attachments to bookings

Attachments can be uploaded when adding or editing a booking.

Example - When both the shipper and the carrier can add attachments

  1. In the schedule, select an available date and click on it to add a booking.
  1. In the add booking window, the section with attachments is found at the very bottom. To add attachments, drag files or select click.

  1. The uploaded files can be found at the bottom of the window. Click Save.
You may add more than 1 file. The total size of the files must not exceed 30MB.
All file extensions are supported.
Attachments are sorted from latest to oldest.

  1. Click on the added booking to view its details. Select the Attachments tab.

The uploaded files can be found in the Shipper attachments (your company) section. You can download them by clicking on the arrow symbol.

The booking was sent to the carrier that also has the possibility of adding attachments.
Attachments added by the carrier are stored in the booking window under the Attachments tab, in the Carrier attachments section.

When only the shipper is allowed to add attachments in the settings of a booking template, the carrier can see and download your attachments but is not allowed to add their own ones.
Similarly, if you only allow the carrier to add attachments, you can see and download them but cannot add your own attachments.

Add attachments when editing a booking

Attachments can be added to the booking while it is being edited.

  1. In the window with the booking details, select More and Edit data.

  1. In the Edit booking window, you can:
  • add attachments
  • download your attachments (by clicking on the arrow icon)
  • download the carrier's attachments (by clicking on the arrow icon)
  • delete your attachments (by clicking on the bin icon)

When deleting a file, a pop-up window appears to confirm the action.

If any problems arise while uploading files, you will be notified by a message.

Add attachments in a time slot

  1. In the Schedules module, click on More and select: Add time slot.

  1. The Attachments section can be found at the bottom of the template.
  1. Once the attachments have been uploaded, click Save.

  1. The attachments you have added are available in the details window of the booking under the Attachments tab.
    If the carrier adds their attachments, they are displayed in the same place.

When you click on the file name, it opens in a new browser tab.

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