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Who can use this function?

The function is available to users of the Trans.eu product lines and CargoON.

Learn more about the Dashboard and widgets module.

Basic information about the widget

Add the Loading/unloading schedule to your Dashboard to adjust the work schedule according to the volume of loading and unloading throughout the day.

Loading/unloading schedule widget:

  • belongs to widgets from the Orders category,
  • is dedicated to contractors and carriers,
  • presents data collected on the basis of accepted freights and created orders,
  • displays data for the entire company and the user,
  • shows data in real time,
  • can be added to your Dashboard many times (up to 9 times).

Widget navigation

The main elements of the Loading/unloading schedule widget are:

  1. The schedule is presented in table form. The columns display 3 days (current day and the next 2 days).
If any of the three days are Saturday or Sunday and there are no planned loadings or unloadings, they are not displayed. Saturday and/or Sunday are displayed only when any operations occur.

The rows correspond to full hours.

The hours included in the schedule are adjusted to the loading and unloading hours of the company (e.g. if loading and unloading for 3 consecutive days take place between 07:00-14:00, 08:00 - 16:00, 09:00 - 15:00, the schedule is presented from 07:00 to 16:00 for each day).

In the case of loading/unloading that does not take place at full hour, e.g. 11:15, the hour is rounded, e.g. if the operation is scheduled between 11:15-12:15, the start time will be marked as 11:00.

The values on the schedule are marked with rectangles in the following colors:

  • green - for loading,
  • yellow - for unloading.

The number in each rectangle indicates the number of a given operation type. When you hover over the selected rectangle, you will see more information.

  1. Arrow - when you click on it, you will see a window with filters.

You can choose whether data should be displayed for a given company or user (orders assigned to a responsible person).

The data can be also displayed for one type of operation (loading or unloading) or for both of them.

  1. The Refresh option allows you to update the data displayed on the widget.
  2. An icon of a person (for the user) or a building (for the company) indicates which view you are currently in.

How to analyze data

  1. To facilitate data analysis, add the widget twice (you can add the widget up to 9 times).
You can learn how to add a widget to the Dashboard in the article Widgets - basic information.

  1. Set the company view on one widget and the user view on the other.

Thanks to this analysis, you can better manage working time and resources. You know what to pay attention to and what to monitor in the upcoming days.

Since you can add the Loading/unloading schedule to the Dashboard up to 9 times, you can compare different combinations of data. For example, the number of all operations for the company (1) and for the user (2), or only the number of loadings for the company (3) and user (4).

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