Logging into the account

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How to log into my account?

  1. Start your Internet browser and go to: platform.trans.eu.
  2. Enter your current TransId number and password.
  3. If you do not remember your login details, please use the password reminder option.

logowanie do nowej Platformy logistycznej Trans.eu

Password reminder

  • Go to Platform.trans.eu
  • Click on Forgot your password?  

  • Enter your e-mail address provided during registration and your TransID. Don't forget to tick the reCAPTHA box. 
  • Click Send to receive further instructions by e-mail. 
If you do not see an e-mail with the instructions, please check your SPAM folder or contact our Customer Service at 71 743 17 00.
For security reasons, the system allows sending such a message with a link to change password only to the e-mail address provided in the user account.

  • Click the link you received to your e-mail address. A window to set a new password will appear. 
The password must contain a minimum of eight characters, including one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one digit.
  • After entering the new password that meets all the requirements, click on Save new password
  • The new password has been saved. 
  • Log into the Trans.eu Platform using your new password.

Password change

  • Click on your photo in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Settings.
  • Go to the Password and settings tab
  • Enter your current password
  • Enter your new password. Remember that the new password should contain min. 8 characters including one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one digit. 
  • Save changes

Secure account with 2-step verification

Account authorization on the Platform (Two Factor Authentication 2FA) is a service that protects your account against unauthorized logging into the Trans.eu Platform.

An authorized client is understood as a person entitled to legally use the Trans.eu Platform. He/She is also verified in terms of correctness of personal data.

How does account authorization work?

  1. Log in to the Trans.eu Platform. At the first time (when the service is activated on your account), we will send you a request to enter a one-time code.

  1. The authorization code is sent to your e-mail / phone number (according to records in the Trans.eu database).
  2. When logging in, enter the code you received.
    You can select the device to be added as trusted.
    The authorization will be saved in the cookies of your browser.

If you want to log in from another computer or another browser, the authorization process will be repeated.

Deleting cookies in your browser will also trigger the authorization process.

Once you have entered your access code correctly, you can start using the Trans.eu Platform.

Authorization code sent by SMS

If you have a mobile phone number assigned to your account, you will be able to decide during login how the authorization code will be sent to you (e-mail / SMS).


  • the code remains unchanged for 15 minutes
  • refreshing the login page does not generate a new (different) code
  • sending the code again, through the same channel, is possible after 1 minute
  • the code no longer contains letters, but only digits

Notifications of login from a new device

  • The user who logs in for the first time from a new device receives an e-mail notification about logging in, including information from which IP address the login was made.
  • This message will also appear if you log in from another browser on the same computer or in the incognito mode.

Notifications for entitled users

The entitled user will receive notifications about the logins of employees of the company.

To turn off notifications, go to:

Settings > Notifications and sounds > Other modules > New login to your company's employee account

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