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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all users of the Platform and CargoON.

Learn more about the Dashboard and widgets module.

Basic information about the widget

Add the Euro exchange rate widget to your Dashboard to track how the euro exchange rate has changed for the selected currency over the last 30 days.

Euro exchange rate widget

  • belongs to widgets from the Information category,
  • is addressed to all users of the Platform,
  • presents data according to the exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank,
  • shows data in historical time (rate for the previous business day),
  • can be added to your Dashboard only once.

Widget navigation

The main elements of the widget are:

  1. Chart - by default it shows data for 1 euro. On the horizontal axis you can see the last 30 days, and on the vertical axis the value in a given currency.
  2. Arrow - when you click on it, a window will appear where you can set filters.

You can choose from the following filters:

  • Amount - field in which you enter the value (default value is 1),
  • Currency - drop-down list on which you select the currency (PLN by default),
  • Slider - allowing you to specify for how many days back you want to display data (the minimum number is 7, the maximum is 30).
  1. Information that the chart is presented for 1 euro.
  2. Currency converter - conversion based on selected filters: euro value entered in the Amount field and the selected currency.
  3. Information about the source of data.
  4. The refresh date of the data source.

How to analyze data

  1. Add the Euro exchange rate widget to the Dashboard.
You can learn how to add a widget to the Dashboard in the article Widgets - basic information.

  1. Click on the blue arrow and set the filters that interest you.

Example: We entered the number 100 in the Amount field. We chose CZK as the currency. As you can see, the currency conversion adjusts automatically after we made a choice. We are interested in data up to 22 days ago, so we set the slider accordingly.

Now you can check how the euro exchange rate for CZK changed in the period from March 21 to April 9, 2024.

  1. Hover over any place on the chart to see information about:
  • value in a given currency for 1 euro,
  • exchange rate date,
  • information whether a given point is in an uptrend (green arrow), downtrend (red arrow), remains unchanged (no arrow).

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