Invitations to Private Exchange with a CSV file

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Who can use this function?

The function is available to users of the forwarding product line (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and CargoON with the Administrator role and permissions: full access.

From this article you will learn how to send bulk invitations to the basic and branded private exchange.

  1. Go to the Contractors module -> Private exchange.
You can also send invitations to the Branded Private Exchange, if your company has access to it. To do this, in the Contractors module, go to the Branded Private Exchange tab (with your own exchange name).
  1. In the upper right corner, select Send invitation -> Send more invitations with CSV.

  1. Click Download the template. The download of the .csv file will begin.

  1. Open the downloaded template. The first three items will serve as a model while filling in the template.
  2. In each line, enter the details of the invited companies. Mandatory columns include:
  • userGivenName (A),
  • userFamilyName (B),
  • userLanguage (C),
  • userEmail (D),
  • companyName (F),
  • companyCountry (G),
  • companyVatId (H), or alternatively companyIdentifierType (I) + companyIdentifierNumber (J).
If the invitation is also to be sent by SMS, enter the phone number in the userMobilePhone (E) column (including the country code without zeros at the beginning, e.g. Germany: 49).

  1. Save the filled in file on your computer.
  2. Return to the platform and in the Invite companies to Your private exchange window, attach the saved file
Correctly imported data is marked with the status Recognized
  • Incorrectly entered data will be marked with an exclamation mark.
  • To correct incorrectly entered values, select the Show only incorrectly imported companies filter.
Although some of the imported items have errors, you can still send invitations to companies whose data has been recognized correctly.

  1. Click Send invitations.

  1. Invitation shipping summary will be displayed.
You can track the status of invitations in the Contractors module in Sent Invitations tab w module.

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