Warehouse management

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Who can benefit from this function?

This function is available for CargoON product line users, who have access to Dock Scheduler and Schedules module.

From this article you will learn:

  • how to create a new warehouse
  • how to configure slots in the warehouse
  • where to edit operating time of the warehouse
  • how to lock, disable or delete the warehouse
  • how to export warehouse data

Creating a new warehouse

  1. Select the Schedules module from the main menu bar.

  1. Add the first warehouse by clicking the More button and then Add new warehouse.

  1. In the new open window ''Add warehouse'' fill in the required fields.
    • Warehouse name, address.
    • Operation type (loading, unloading, all).
In this window you can also set up your own booking template. Expand list and choose your own template or click Add new template. You will learn how to create it from the article Booking Templates.

Click Next.

  1. Specify time unit (slot) (from 5 to 120 minutes) and the operation time, then click Next.

Please note that specifying the warehouse operating times is based on the basic slot units you have previously selected, i.e. if you set the slot time to 5 minutes, then, by expanding the warehouse operating time options, you can set the time in 5 minute intervals.
You can create flexible operation schedules for your warehouses. Specify a unit time (slot) and then set the default operating time.

If you set the same unit time (slot) as the default operating time, then the carrier will be able to make bookings in such a way that the time between them is sufficient to carry out the operation.

If, however, you set a different unit time (slot), you will enable flexible use of the schedule on the carrier's end. Such settings are especially useful when operations of varied duration are carried out in the warehouse.

  1. Set warehouse operating time (operating hours and days), then click Next.

  1. Set breaks in warehouse operating time, then click Add warehouse.
During the breaks loading and unloading will not be possible.

Slot configuration in the warehouse

Configuration of warehouse slots can currently be done only when creating a new warehouse. These settings cannot be changed.

  1. Set a unit time for the slot (between 5 and 120 minutes). It will be used to define your warehouse scheduling grid. Operating time in this warehouse will be a multiple of the slot.

  1. Then select the default operating time - the amount of time you need to load/unload one vehicle. This will serve as the base time of the operation.

Please note that your choice is limited. It is based on the unit time (slot) you specified above. The default operating time is a multiple of the slot.

Editing Warehouse Slots configuration

  1. If you want to change the current configuration of your warehouse slots - click More and then Warehouse settings.

  1. In the the new open window, select the Slot configuration tab and click Plan a new one.

Enter the new unit time (slot) and default operation time, then select the day from when this configuration should take effect. Next, Save changes.

The new configuration will take effect in the selected day of changes. You can change it from the next calendar day at the earliest.

After saving changes, you will see the planned configuration on the list of active slot configurations.

When the new configuration takes effect, the previous configuration will be moved to the Archival tab.

Editing the Warehouse operating time

  1. If you want to change the Warehouse operating time - click More and then click the Warehouse settings.

  1. In the the new open window, choose Regular operating time tab and then click Edit.
You can set the Warehouse operating hours during the Christmas time, the holiday season or on any other occasion. Be aware that these changes will replace the regular Warehouse operating hours settings.

Availability, disabling and deleting the warehouse

You can manage the availability of your warehouse. If needed, you can lock, disable or delete the warehouse.

Lock the warehouse - the locked warehouse is still visible, but you disable the possibility of adding a time slot or making a booking on that warehouse.

Disable the warehouse - the warehouse is not visible, you also disable the possibility of adding a time slot or making a booking on that warehouse.

Delete the warehouse - entails the loss of the created docks together with the time slots and bookings that were made on them.

If you have a scheduled booking or a time slot in a particular warehouse - the options to lock, disable and delete will be unavailable until this activity is completed.
  1. Click on More, then click on Warehouse settings to open the warehouse availability settings.

  1. The window with the Warehouse availability settings will open.

  1. If you want to lock, deactivate or delete the warehouse - click the relevant button and then confirm your decision.
  1. You can unlock or enable the warehouse at any time.
If you delete the warehouse, you lose it irretrievably together with the information it contained.

After adding the new Warehouse, you can add docks in it - in the Schedules module click Add dock or click More and Add dock.

If you want to know how to configurate docks, go to article Dock management in the warehouse.

Warehouse occupancy

Below the calendar you will find information on warehouse availability.

  • Open time slots: these are slots that have been made available to the carrier, but the carrier has not yet made booking. Here you can find information about the number of such slots (in this case 3) and their total time (here 1 hour and 30 minutes - in a given warehouse, 1 slot is 30 minutes). In this list, we ignore expired time slots.
  • Bookings: both bookings created from the time slot and directly by the shipper. Here you can find information about the number of bookings (in this case 4) and their total time (here 2 hours).
  • Total time available: this is the sum of the available time in all ramps. In the calculations disabled and blocked ramps are not taken into account (in the example 46 h).

Slide the button next to Show ramps availability to see data for individual ramps in the warehouse.

​Export of the warehouse data​

  1. If you want to download data, in the Schedule module click More and then choose the option Export loadings.

  1. Select the parameters you are interested in - docks, time range and file format, then click Download.

The data will be saved on your device.

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