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Who can use this function?

TransID is available to all users of the Platform and all product lines (CargoON, TFF - Trans for Forwarders, TFC - Trans for Carriers).

In this article you will learn:

  • what is TransID and what is it used for,
  • when the Platform user receives TransID,
  • the capabilities that having TransID provides.

What is TransID?

TransID is your account name. It works in a similar way as login in any other website.

This is a unique number that is assigned to the Platform user at the time of account registration.

Thanks to TransID, you can log in to all websites belonging to companies from the group

How to receive TransID

TransID is assigned through the Platform. When an employee of your company, with the function of an administrator, creates an account for you, we will automatically assign TransID to it.

At the same time, you will receive a message to the e-mail address provided during registration with a request to complete the registration and set a new password.

You will find your TransID in the email's content.

Your TransID consists of TransOffice and your serial number after the dash. For example, your TransID is 10023-2. Number 10023 is your company's TransOffice, and 2 is your serial number (this means that your account was created second in line).

Each user can have only one TransID.

Login with TransID

You use TransID for logging in. Enter the number you received during the account registration into the appropriate field.

Remember that with the same TransID and password, you can log in not only to the Platform but also to every service within the group.

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