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Who can use this function?

This function is available to users of the forwarding product line (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and carriers (TFC - Trans for Carriers).

You can send a direct offer first to the contractor you are cooperating with, before you publish the freight on the exchange.

In this article you will learn:

  • how to publish direct offers using the Add freight button
  • how to publish direct offers from messenger

Publishing a direct offer using the Add freight button

  1. Click the Add freight button.
  1. Then select the To selected publication mode
Step 1 image
PLEASE NOTE: Direct publications are included in the overall limit of the sent freights.
  1. To publish a direct offer, choose To selected, and then from messenger.
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In the Recipients field, you will see a dropdown list divided into two sections: CONTACT GROUPS and CONTACTS. You can use the search engine as well.

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You can choose one or several groups and a specific person or several people.

After making your selection, another section will appear - SELECTED.

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  1. After selecting the recipients, click Publish freight.

Publishing a direct offer from the messenger

You can also open the direct offer window from the messenger in three ways.

  • Way 1
  1. Go to the Contacts tab.
Step 6 image
  1. For a specific person from your contact list, click 3 dots.
Step 7 image
  1. Select Send new freight.
Step 8 image

A freight publication window will appear, where in the section Freight publication mode To selected from the messenger, in the Recipients field, the data of the indicated person will be completed

You can also do it from the chat window.

You can still edit the recipients.
You can only publish freight to a specific person if they are on your contact list.
Step 9 image
  • Way 2
  1. In the Contacts tab, select All.
Step 10 image
  1. In the FILTERING BY GROUPS section, an arrow icon appears next to the groups. Click on it to open the publishing window.
If the group does not contain any contacts, this option is greyed out.
Step 11 image

Appropriate data appear in the opened window.

Step 12 image
  • Way 3
  1. In the Contacts tab, select All and Manage groups.
  2. Press the arrow icon to open the publishing window.
Step 13 image

No matter which way you choose, make sure to click Publish freight.

The published direct offer will be marked in the freight list Added.

You cannot publish a direct offer to the CargoOn user.
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