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Who can use this function?

The function is available to all users of the Platform and CargoON.

Learn more about the Dashboard Module and widgets.

Basic information about the widget

Add TransRisk to your Dashboard to find out how contractors on the Platform assess your credibility.

The TransRisk widget will help you determine your status and whether your ratings are at the upper or lower limit.

TransRisk provides information about the company's current situation, making risk analysis and decisions about cooperation with contractors easier.
You can learn more about TransRisk here.

TransRisk widget:

  • belongs to the widgets from the Ratings category,
  • is dedicated for clients who have the TransRisk index calculated,
  • presents data collected based on the calculated TransRisk index,
  • presents historical data (from the previous day),
  • you can add it to your Dashboard only once.

Widget navigation

The components for the default TransRisk widget view are:

  1. Status as of: the date on which the TransRisk index was calculated
  2. Pie chart: shows the current ratings with the level of the status.
  3. Your status: information about your current status.
  4. Show me details button: clicking on it will take you to a detailed chart.

The components for the detailed view of the TransRisk widget are:

  1. Status as of: the date on which the TransRisk index was calculated.
  2. Return to the home screen button: clicking on it will take you to the default view of the widget.
  3. Your current status: information about your status
  4. Pie chart: shows information on the percentage needed to reach the next status or maximum.
  5. What affects your status: information on how payment delays, offer acceptance and ratings affect TransRisk.

How to analyze data?

  1. Pie chart - in default view - informs you about your current status.

The degree to which a status is filled with color shows whether a given status has reached its maximum or whether you are at its lower or upper limit.

These are data related to information from the Platform (TransRisk) and illustrate the status, not the progress.

  1. The detailed chart includes:
  • the degree of filling of the green bar around the percentage value, illustrating the level achieved.
  • percentage value indicating how much you need to reach the next level,
  • factors that affect TransRisk.
If you are a good payer, you have no payment delays (which means a positive impact) and your ratings and offer acceptances have a neutral or negative impact, you already know that it is worth focusing on the last two aspects to improve TransRisk.

The TransRisk widget allows you to track your progress and helps to understand which factors or actions influence the change in the percentage value of TransRisk.

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