Additional functions of the Vehicle Exchange

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Who can use this function?

This function available to all users of the platform and CargoON.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • display the compact and the default view
  • personalise tabs
  • manage the order of tabs
  • find matching offers for a specific vehicle

Compact view

  1. It is possible to display more offers on your device screen by switching to the Compact view.

EXCHANGE > Vehicle exchange > Compact view

  1. To restore the standard settings, select the Default view.

For both views of the exchange table, enabling full-screen mode on your device increases the number of items currently displayed on your screen.

Personalisation of tabs

It is possible to give names to the exchange tabs. You can save specified filtering parameters under any name you wish. When filtering exchange offers with one of the saved filters, the name of the tab corresponds to the name of the saved filter. To assign names to your exchange tabs, save sets of filters under their respective names.

  1. Set the required filter parameters and confirm by clicking Save.

  1. When filtering the exchange offer table, use one of the saved filters in the drop-down list and click Search.

In the exchange offer table, there will appear a tab with the name matching the name of the saved filter.

Manage the order of tabs

On the platform, it is possible to manage the order of tabs with specified filtering parameters.

  1. Click on a given tab and hold down the mouse button on it.

  1. Drag it to the right place and drop.

Matching offers on the Vehicle exchange

  1. After publishing the offer, go to the Sent tab under the Freights module. You can then search for a vehicle for a specific freight. Click the Show matching vehicles icon.

Step 2 image

This option is available for both freights published on the exchange as well as private freights.

Click the icon to be redirected to the Vehicle exchange, where a tab with the parameters corresponding to the published freight is created.

Step 5 image

The filter set up on the Vehicle exchange retrieves freight data such as: loading and unloading (+50km), vehicle size, body type, weight, *loading metres, *additional requirements (e.g. lift, ADR).

This option is also available within the freight drawer.

Step 6 image

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