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Who can use this function?

Dashboard module is available for every user of Trans.eu and CargoON Platform.

From this article you will learn:

  • about functions of the Dashboard module,
  • how to navigate the Dashboard,
  • what widgets are and how can you add them to your Dashboard,
  • how can you set the Dashboard module as a homepage of the Trans.eu Platform,

Dashboard module functions

Dashboard, as one of the Business Intelligence tools, collects, analyzes and presents business data to support your decision-making process.

  • In one place, the Dashboard displays information about processes in your company so managers can quickly make decisions.
  • You keep track of events in real time, which allows you to react immediately.
  • Data analysis will help you identify areas which require improvement, monitor costs more effectively and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • The data displayed on the Dashboard is chosen by you - you decide which information is the most important at a particular moment. 
Information in the Dashboard module is displayed with the use of widgets. Widgets are interactive elements. They allow you to adjust the appearance and the contents according to your preferences. They display data both for both company and particular users, orderers or contractors, as well as archival and real-time data.

Check out how the widgets are working - go to article: Widgets - basic information
  1. In the main menu, select the Dashboard module.

If you are using the Trans.eu Platform as a client and you enter the Dashboard module for the first time, you will see 8 widgets added by default, including:

- Freights in progress - a widget showing how many freights you have to handle on a given day.
- Accepted freights - a widget allowing you to monitor the acceptance of published freights.
- Unrated transactions - a widget showing the number of transactions that have not been rated.
- Trans Risk - a widget presenting the TransRisk index for a company of the individual user.
You can decide if you want to see these widgets on your Dashboard. If not, you can remove and replace them with other ones.
- Transparency Rate - widget displaying the transparency rate.
- Spot Market TransBarometer - a widget informing about the availability of loads and vehicles at a chosen location. 
- What's new? - a widget that will provide you with information about the latest changes and functionalities on the Trans.eu Platform.
- Trans.INFO - a widget showing the latest news from the transport industry, important information about changes in the laws published on the trans.info portal and updates on the Platform published on the Trans.eu blog. [Please move trans.info to the end]

You can decide whether you want these widgets to be displayed on your Dashboard. If not, you can delete them and replace them with other widgets.

  1. You can adjust the appearance of the Dashboard with two buttons:
  • Add widget to add widgets.
  • Edit to delete or change the position of the widget.

Add a widget to the Dashboard

  1. To add a widget, click: Add widget.
  1. Click on a widget you want to add to the Dashboard.

  1. The added widget can be found on your Dashboard.
    It will appear in the first available space.

Edit a widget

  1. In the Dashboard module, click Edit.
  1. Ready-to-edit widgets will be highlighted in grey. Each widget contains two buttons:
  • Move widget,
  • Remove widget,

  1. To change the widget position, hover your cursor over the Move widget icon and drag it to the chosen place.
  1. To remove the widget, click on the Remove widget icon on the selected widget. 
    Widgets move vertically - if there is another widget below the removed one, it will take the place of the removed one.
  1. To come back to the Dashboard module view, click Finish editing.
Did you know that the number of columns with widgets adapts to the screen resolution? That's why the maximum number of columns is 4.
If you delete all the widgets, your Dashboard will look like this one below:

Set the Dashboard as a homepage of the Trans.eu Platform

If you would like to see the Dashboard with widgets right after logging into Trans.eu Platform, set the Dashboard module as your homepage.

  1. Click on your avatar and select Settings'.
  1. In the opened Settings window, under My account, select Homepage tab.
  1. Choose Dashboard as the homepage and click the cross at the top of the window.
  1. Your choice will be saved.

After logging out of the Trans.eu Platform, the widgets set up on the Dashboard will be saved. This includes settings, filters and selected criteria.

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