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Freight exchange

  • The Freight exchange is available on the left navigation bar. Click on the module to get to the Offer table.
  • The list of offers is regularly refreshed, all offers are automatically removed from the exchange after the date of unloading.

Widok ofert w zakładce Giełda ładunków

In the exchange offer line you will find the following information:

  • loading place
  • unloading place
  • vehicle information
  • price (if a rate was provided in an offer, it will be visible, if not, the field will be empty)
  • submitted (date and time of adding the offer to the exchange)
  • submitter (name of the company and full name of the person who added the offer)

Widok wybranej oferty na liście

Searching for offers on the Freight exchange

  • Specify the parameters to find offers that interest you
Opcje wyszukiwania ofert
You can only search for offers where the body type you are interested in is specified. To do this, select "Show only" in the Body type section.
  • Select an offer - a window with the offer details will open on the right side
Szczegóły oferty i kontaktu w szufladzie oferty

In the Employees tab, you can see the number of published offers and concluded transactions by individual employees of a given company. If you hover the mouse cursor over it, you will see the data for the last 30 days and the last year.

Filtering freight offers

  • You can use the basic search filters by entering your parameters

Podstawowe opcje wyszukiwania ofert

  • If you want to use the extended search option, click "MORE FILTERS"

  • Then enter your parameters and confirm with the "Search" button

  • In the extended search window you can use the "Searched phrase" option. In this field you can enter the TransId number of a particular company or user. Confirm with the "Search" button - if the company has offers on the exchange, you will see the list of them displayed below the search filters.

Excluding loading or unloading places in exchange search filters

When filtering offers, you can exclude countries of loading or unloading

Remember that:

  1. Only one country can be excluded.
  2. Only loading or only unloading can be excluded. Selecting one option disables the other one.
  3. Using exclusions does not limit the other filtering options.
    Example: by excluding one country of unloading, you can still add several loading locations.

  • You can remove the entered parameters in the search tab by using the "Clear filters" option

Filter by payment date

Select the following options from the dropdown list:

  • deferred
  • payment in advance
  • payment on unloading

Click on the dropdown list next to the payment date and select your choice.

Important: If deferred payment is selected, you must indicate the range of days, e.g. from 30 to 45 days

  • When selecting the "deferred" option, include information on the time period by entering the relevant numbers in the boxes

Filtering hidden offers

You can now filter offers from the Contractors which your company has suspended cooperation with.

Important: Offers published by companies with which cooperation has been suspended are now hidden. To display them in the exchange offers table, mark the "Show hidden" checkbox.

  • When going to the "MORE FILTERS" option, check "Show hidden" and click "Search".

  • After clicking "Search" in the exchange offer table, the offers from companies with which cooperation has been suspended will appear. The names of these companies will be marked in red.

Saving filters

  • You have the possibility of saving your set of filters.

  • This gives you the opportunity to use them when searching for next freights.

Searching for offers on the map

  • The exchange also allows searching for offers on the map. Click the "teardrop" pointer next to the loading or unloading word.

  • Upon clicking the pointer, there will appear a map on which you can select up to 10 areas. When done, "Save" your selection.

  • Once saved, the data will appear in the "Loading" or "Unloading" field, depending on your selection. Click on the "Search" button - the list of offers will be displayed below.

  • Additionally, you can specify the search method: lines or cross. Select the option of your interest and confirm with the "Search" button - the list of offers will be displayed below.

Searching by incomplete postal codes

  1. Select Freight exchange from the menu on the left 
  2. In the Loading field, enter a country code and the first digit of a postal code (or the first two to narrow your search) using one of the following methods:
  • country code -> space -> incomplete postal code (e.g. PL 05 or PL 1),
  • country code -> comma-> incomplete postal code (e.g. PL,05 or PL,1),
  • country code -> hyphen -> incomplete postal code (e.g. PL-05 or PL-1),
  • country code -> incomplete postal code (e.g. PL05 or PL1).
  1. From the list of suggested loading places, choose the one that interests you.
  2. Set other search parameters.
  3. Click Search.

Automatic refreshing of offers

  • On the Freight exchange, set a search filter
  • The highlighted tab and counter indicate that there are new offers in the set filter 

  • Go to the tab to see new offers
  • A message about "new offers" will also appear on the list of offers, along with the counter

  • When you click on the "new offers" message, you will see them listed and marked in orange

  • Offers that you have already viewed will be grayed out in the list

Naming exchange tabs

It is possible to name exchange tabs. When searching for exchange offers, the tab name will correspond to the name of the saved filter.

To name your exchange tabs, save the sets of filters under the respective names.
  • After setting the desired filtering parameters, click "Save" in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • When browsing the exchange offer table, select one of the saved filters from the dropdown list and click "Search".

  • In the exchange offer table, there will appear a tab with the name corresponding to the name of the saved filter.

Editing filter parameters

When filtering the exchange offer table, you can specify the parameters that are displayed in the search results at the top of the table in the form of blue labels. Now, by clicking on a given label, you will be able to edit it.

  • The selected filter parameters will be displayed as blue labels. Click on the given label to edit it.
  • Edit the chosen parameter and click "Search".

Remember! Here you can also remove specific parameters
  • To remove a specific parameter, click the "cross" on the blue label.

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