Payment term for a freight

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Who can use this function?

  • Function available to all users of the Platform and CargoON.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • set a payment term for a freight
  • set a payment term in the Freights module

Payment term - a functionality by which the parties to a transaction communicate the time for payment of a freight.

Set a payment term for a freight

If you set a default payment term, you will not need to complete this field each time you add a freight using the form.

  1. Click on Add freight.
  1. Fill in the required data.
  1. Select Freight publication mode.

The Payment deadline option is available below. From the menu, you can select: 

  • Deferred with the number of days. The number is a range from 1 to 360 days. It depends on the market on which the freight is published.
  • Payment in advance
  • Payment on unloading
Payment deadline is a mandatory field, without which no freight can be published.

Information about the payment term is also visible under the Details tab of the freight window.

Payment term settings in the Freights module

  1. Click on the User panel (the icon with your initials or avatar) and select Settings.

In the Freights tab, you can define default settings for the payment term.

Once they are defined, the freight added via the form will open with the default settings.

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