Offers received from a private exchange

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On the freight list you can see offers marked as private exchange. This means that the shipper has added your company to a private exchange, so you receive offers that can be seen only by selected individuals.

Searching for private exchange offers

You can find private exchange offers in two ways:

  1. Use pre-defined filters.
  • To see offers that match your previously set search parameters, click on the private exchange sign on the freight list.

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  • A new tab with offers will be created. The tab contains filters copied from the freight exchange and one new parameter: Source of the freight offers: Private exchanges.
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  1. Set completely new search parameters
  • To search immediately for offers from a private exchange, create a new tab by clicking on Add +
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  • Click on more filters.
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  • ​In the Freight offer sources section, select Private exchanges and click Search.
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Saving a search filter

To find private exchange offers faster in the future, save a search filter.

To do so:

  • Enter a filter name and click Save.
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  • The filter created by you can be found in the Saved filters section. Click on its name to search for offers.
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Negotiating a private exchange offer

You can negotiate a freight offer that you are interested in by sending your rate proposal to the contractor.

To do so:

  • Open a chat window with the contractor.
  • Click on Make an offer.
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  • Enter your rate proposal and send the offer.
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  • A negotiated offer from a private exchange can be found in the Freights module.
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  • Your offer will be waiting for the contractor's acceptance in the Received tab.
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