Import of freights from a CSV file

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Who can use this function?

Function available to all Platform and CargoON users.

From this article you will learn:

  • how to upload a CSV file to the Platform

Upload a CSV file to the Platform

Expand the arrow next to the Add freight button, then select Import freights from CSV.

  1. See how to prepare a CSV file. Then download the template and prepare your file according to the instructions.


- Maintain column order when preparing the file
Enter the data in separate columns; if you are adding an offer for a few vehicle bodies (maximum five), use a comma between the data, e.g. 1,2,3
Enter all the required data (not marked as optional in the instructions)
Enter the correct date and time format DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM (or set the formatting as text)
Save the file with UTF-8 encoding depending on the system you are using.

How to save a file with UTF-8 encoding depending on the system you are using.

1. Select Save file as, then enter its name and make sure that its type is set to Text CSV
2. Tick Edit filter settings and save
3. When you receive the message: "Confirm file format", select Use Text CSV format
4. In the text file export window, select Unicode (UTF-8) character set, Separator (, - comma), Delimiter (" - inverted commas) and click OK
1. In the opened file, select Save As and enter a file name
2. Next click on Tools and select Web Options from the list
3. Go to the Encoding tab
4. Save this document as: select Unicode (UTF-8) from the list and click OK
Google Sheets
UTF-8 encoding is set by default

  1. Add the prepared CSV file and click Next.

All details are available in the import summary.
  • Example 1

  1. All freights will be imported. Click Next to proceed to Publication parameters.

  • Example 2

  1. Only recognized freights will be imported. In the table you will see information on which freight the error occurred. You can go back to the previous step, correct the file and upload it again or click Next to proceed to Publication parameters.

  1. Complete the Date of payment, Offer visibility and Contact persons, then click the Import freight button.

You can publish freights from a CSV file to automatic rules. Select Automatic rules and Import freights.

Step 6 image

The import status is visible on the Platform.

All notifications are available under the bell icon.

Once the import is complete, you get a notification.

And a summary.

  • Example 3

  1. No freight will be imported. Check your file and try again.

  • Example 4

  1. Invalid file format. Check your file and try again.


- It is not possible to upload the same CSV file several times.
- Any use of function contrary to the regulations (e.g. duplicating offers) may result in the withdrawal of the possibility to import offers.

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