(TFF) Forwarder TransRisk - an independent indicator of payment credibility

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What is the TransRisk indicator?

TransRisk is an indicator of a company's payment credibility, which presents the current situation of the company and aims to facilitate risk analysis and make decisions regarding cooperation with contractors. It is a dynamic product whose algorithm calculates daily data from several sources.

TransRisk is displayed on a 5-point scale:

  • Super payer,
  • Very good payer,
  • Good payer,
  • Mediocre payer,
  • Poor payer.

The "no data" information means that the company has too few transactions and ratings to calculate TransRisk.

How does it work?

To ensure product dynamics and indicate the current situation of the company, the final result is mainly influenced by data from the last 60 days. In this case, we are talking primarily about data coming directly from the Trans.eu Platform. However, the algorithm also includes data from external sources, such as e.g. credit rating agencies. On the other hand, companies that want to take care of their credibility can also provide the latest data about their business to the algorithm.

The most important factors affecting TransRisk are:

  • Payment habits (debt exchange, debt collection cases),
  • Activity on the Trans.eu Platform (transactions concluded, evaluations received),
  • Financial data (current indicators and trends of changes, financial security),
  • Relations (capital and personal),
  • Basic data (including legal form, internship on the market, internship in Trans.eu).

Although the ratings from contractors affect TransRisk, it is worth to notice that this is only one of many factors and these are two different products. Ratings are subjective opinions issued by contractors, while TransRisk is an algorithm based on a large number of factors, and the most important of them are the company's payment habits.

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