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The new technology makes the Exchange on the Platform faster. The modern design allows for browsing published offers, whereas advanced filters help you select multiple (up to 10) locations of loading and unloading.

Browsing offers on the Vehicle exchange

  • The Exchange is available on the left navigation bar. Clicking on the module will transfer you to the table of offers.
  • The offer table is refreshed on an ongoing basis, all offers are automatically removed from the exchange after the unloading date.

In the line of the exchange offer you will find the following information:

  • loading place
  • unloading place
  • availability (range of dates)
  • vehicle info
  • reported (date and time of publishing an offer on the exchange)
  • shipper (company name and full name of the person who published the offer)

Compact view

You can see more offers by switching to Compact view.

EXCHANGE > Vehicle exchange > Compact view

To restore the standard settings, select Default view.

Enabling the full-screen mode on your device - with both views of the exchange table - will increase the number of items visible on your monitor screen.

Filtering offers on the Vehicle exchange

  • You can use basic search filters by entering some parameters

  • If you want to use the extended search, select "More filters"

  • If you choose the "More filters" option, enter your parameters and confirm by clicking "Search".

  • In the extended filter window you can use the "Search phrase" option. In this field you may enter the TransId number of a particular company or user and confirm with the "Search" button - if the company has offers published on the exchange, you will see the list of them displayed below the search filters.

Bookmark personalization

It is possible to name exchange tabs. How does it work? For some time now, you have been able to save certain filtering parameters under a name of your choice. Now when you search for exchange offers using one of the saved filters, the tab name will correspond to the name of the saved filter. Thus, to name your exchange tabs, save the sets of filters under the respective names.

  • After setting the desired filtering parameters, save the filter by clicking "Save".

  • When browsing the exchange offer table, select one of the saved filters from the drop-down list and click "Search".

  • In the exchange offer table there will appear a tab with the name corresponding to the name of the saved filter.

Filter for hidden offers

For some time now, on the Platform there has been an option to suspend cooperation with the Contractor. To learn more, go to this article. You can now filter offers from the Contractors which your company has suspended cooperation with.

Important: Offers published by companies with which cooperation has been suspended are now hidden. To display them in the exchange offers table, mark the "Show hidden" checkbox.

  • When going to the "MORE FILTERS" option, check "Show hidden" and click "Search".

  • After clicking "Search" in the exchange offer table, the offers from companies with which cooperation has been suspended will appear. The names of these companies will be marked in red.

Editing a specific filter parameter

When filtering the exchange offer table, you can specify the parameters that are displayed in the search results at the top of the table in the form of gray labels. Now, by clicking on a given label, you will be able to edit it.

  • The selected filter parameters will be displayed as gray labels. Click on the given label to edit it.

  • Edit the chosen parameter and click "Search".

Remember! Here you can also remove specific parameters

  • To remove a specific parameter, click the "cross" on the blue label.

How to set an additional radius

  • Fill in the place of loading and unloading, next to this field there is an additional one in which you can set a radius ranging from 5 km to 1000 km, select your parameters and confirm with the "Search" button. By default, the system suggests a radius of 50 km.

  • The radius given in the offer is information on the radius within which the Carrier declares to approach.

Searching for offers in selected areas

  • The exchange also allows searching for offers in selected areas. Click the "teardrop" pointer next to the loading or unloading word.

  • Upon clicking the pointer, there will appear a map on which you can select up to 10 areas. When done, "Save" your selection.

  • Once saved, the data will appear in the "Loading" or "Unloading" field depending on your selection. Click on the "Search" button - the list of offers will be displayed below.

  • Additionally, you can specify the search method: pairs or cross. Select the option of your interest and confirm with the "Search" button - the list of offers will be displayed below.

Managing the order of tabs

On the platform it is possible to manage the order of tabs with set filtering parameters

How does it work?

  • Click the appropriate tab and hold it with the mouse
  • Drag it to the desired place and drop

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