Employee roles in the Schedules and Bookings modules

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Who can use this function?

Users who have access to Dock Scheduler add-on and have corporate account administrator privileges.

When your company receives access to the Dock Scheduler add-on, all employees will see a new module in the Platform - Schedules (if you have the Dock Scheduler add-on or the CargoON line) or Bookings (if you have the Trans for Carrier line or the Trans for Forwarder line). As an administrator, you can manage the roles of your employees in the module by assigning them different roles in the add-on.

Roles in the Schedules module



Manager Dock Scheduler

Manages the company, warehouses and their schedules, notification process from the shipper's perspective and makes booking as a carrier with other shippers who use Dock Scheduler.

Warehouse manager

Creates and manages warehouse work schedules, is authorized to assign time slots and manage bookings created by carriers.


Reviews loading schedules, confirms the start and completion of operations.

Security Guard

Reviews the list of bookings. Confirms that the data corresponds to the booking, marks the arrival and departure from the place of operation.

Roles in the Bookings module

Manager Dock Scheduler

Manages the company and schedules as well as the booking process from the perspective of the carrier for other shippers using Dock Scheduler.


Makes bookings with shippers using Dock Scheduler and manages their own bookings as a carrier.

Assigning a role to a new employee

Employees who have accounts receive access to Dock Scheduler. As an administrator, you can change their roles according to the needs of the company. Learn how to manage roles and access.

To add a new employee and assign them a role in the Dock Scheduler, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on your avatar and select My Company.

  1. In the Employees tab, click the Add employee button.

  1. Fill in the form with the data of the new employee (name, surname, e-mail address, position) and go to Roles and accesses.
  1. Assign the operational role to your employee. Click Next.

  1. In Additional details, you can enter additional information. After completing all the steps of the form, click Save.

  1. On the left side, at the bottom of the screen, you will receive two notifications that the employee has been added and the role has been defined.
    You will find the new employee at the top of the list.

After clicking on the name of an employee, a drawer with data will open. You can edit them, e.g. change the employee's personal data as well as the roles assigned to them using the More button and the Manage employee option.

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