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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all users of the Trans.eu Platform and CargoON.

Learn more about the Dashboard and widgets module.

Basic information about the widget

Add the Unrated transactions widget to your Dashboard if you want to quickly check the number of transactions that have not been rated by you and the contractor.

Unrated transactions widget:

  • belongs to widgets from the Ratings category,
  • is addressed to clients and contractors,
  • presents data collected on the basis of transactions ready to be rated by both parties, as well as archival transactions that have not been rated,
  • displays data for the entire company and the user,
  • presents historical data from the last 30 and 120 days,
  • can be added to your Dashboard many times (up to 9 times).

Widget navigation

The main elements of the Unrated transactions widget are:

  1. Filters - allowing you to switch the view with contractor data (shipper or carrier) and ratings (incoming or outgoing).
  1. Visualizations of main values - they concern transactions that have not been rated (a number on a black circle with a red dot) and those waiting for rating (white circle, marked with a yellow dot).

The person icon above the circles indicates that data is presented for the user. They concern the last 120 days (information in the gray circle).

The data on the right refers to company transactions. You can switch to this view using the arrow buttons.

  1. Ratings outgoing from carriers - these are contractor’s ratings that concern the same transactions.
  2. Information about the view (user or company) you are using.

How to analyze data

  1. To facilitate data analysis, add the widget twice (you can add the widget up to 9 times).
You can learn how to add a widget to the Dashboard in the article Widgets - basic information.
  1. Set the user view (1) on one widget and the company view (2) on the other.


The selected filters (both for user and company view) concern shipper and incoming reviews.

The data concerns the ratings that the shipper (in this case we) should receive from the contractor.

  • The user has 2 unrated transactions, while the entire company has 31 such transactions. These are transactions that have not been rated during the right time (transactions with a status of “Not rated” on the Platform).
When you click on the black circle in your browser, a new Ratings and references module window will open and you will be transferred to the Archive tab. You can check which transactions have not been rated by the contractor.
If you view as a user, you will only see a list of your transactions.
  • At this point, the user does not have any transactions waiting for the contractor to be rated. In the company, 4 transactions are awaiting rating.
If you want to remind the contractor that they have transactions to rate, click Ready for rate. A new Ratings and references window will open in your browser and you will be redirected to the Ask for a rating tab, where you can easily send your request.
If you view as a user, you will only see a list of your transactions ready for rating.
  • Since both parties can rate the same transactions, data for the second contractor is shown at the bottom of the widget. Thanks to this, you can quickly check whether the other party has rated you.

In the example, you can see that - in the case of the company - the contractor rated 4 transactions, so it is worth checking these ratings and considering rating the transaction as well.

The data regarding archival transactions that have not been assessed is displayed as follows:
- for the shipper, outgoing ratings from the last 30 days and incoming ratings from the last 120 days,
- for the carrier, outgoing ratings from the last 120 days and incoming ratings from the last 30 days.

You can add Unrated transactions up to 9 times and you have several filters to choose from in the widget, so you can create various configurations you might need to analyze the data.

Unrated transactions (archived) are marked red. The transactions that can be rated are displayed in yellow. If all transactions are rated, they are marked green.

With the Unrated transactions widget, you can build your credibility (by asking for a rating) and increase trust by rating your transactions and keeping them up to date on a regular basis.

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