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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all users of the Platform and CargoON.

Learn more about the Dashboard and widgets module.

Basic information about the widget

Add the Warehouse occupancy widget to your Dashboard to quickly verify warehouse occupancy over the next 3 days.

Warehouse occupancy widget:

  • belongs to widgets from the Schedules category,
  • is dedicated for clients,
  • presents data based on created bookings (confirmed and unconfirmed) on particular days,
  • presents data in real time,
  • can be added to the Dashboard multiple times (maximum 9 times).

Widget navigation

The main elements of the Warehouse occupancy widget are:

  1. Table showing the number of bookings created on a given day at specific times:
  • The blue bar represents all confirmed bookings, i.e. those with the status: confirmed, pending, loading/unloading, completed loading/unloading, departure.
  • The gray bar represents all unconfirmed bookings, i.e. those with the status: preliminary.

After hovering over the selected bar, you will see in the tooltip how many bookings you have scheduled on a given day and at a specific time.

The dates for which we present data are the current day and the next two days. If the warehouse is closed for the next two days, we present data for the next working day of the warehouse (e.g. if two next days fall on weekend when the warehouse is closed, the next data will be shown for Monday).

As for the hours, we display the working hours for all warehouses (e.g. if one warehouse is open from 8:00. to 14:00 and the other from 10:00 to 18:00, we will show the period from 8:00 to 18:00). For readability of the data, we display full hours (even if the slot in the warehouse lasts 30 minutes).
Example: if the slot lasts 30 minutes, we show it at a given hour (e.g. a booking at 14:30 will be displayed at 14:00). If the slot lasts 2 hours, we show it in the first hour (in the slot from 12:00 to 14:00, the booking for 12:30 will be shown at 12:00). If the slot lasts 15 minutes and at 11:00-12:00 there are 4 bookings planned, then the data in the widget will be displayed as 4 bookings at 11:00.

  1. Information about which warehouse the data is presented (the default view shows data for all warehouses).
  2. Refresh option, allowing you to update the data displayed on the widget.
  3. Arrow - click it if you want to use the filtering option. You can switch your view to a specific warehouse and dock.

You can check the occupancy for a specific dock only if you indicate the warehouse in which the dock is located in the filters.

How to analyze data

  1. To make it easier to analyze data and see it in a broader context, you can add the widget to the Dashboard several times (up to 9).
You can learn how to add a widget to the Dashboard in the article Widgets - basic information.

On one widget, you can display data for one warehouse and indicate all docks in it (1), on the second one, select a specific warehouse and dock (2), and on the third one, display data for all your warehouses (3).

By selecting the view that suits you, you can easily:

  • check the distribution of bookings across particular days in your warehouses. This will help you better predict the workload for the coming days,
  • determine the most intense working hours, which will allow you to better organize your schedules and resources,
  • identify days without scheduled bookings,
  • check the proportion of confirmed bookings to those that have not been confirmed.

Knowing the actual warehouse occupancy, you will be able to plan the work of your staff better, avoiding overloads and delays, which may additionally reduce operating costs.

If you add all widgets from the Schedules category to your Dashboard, you will get a full picture of the warehouse operation.

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