Creating groups of contractors

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Creating groups of contractors

You can do this in two ways:

  1. In the "Companies" tab
  • in the window, search for individual companies by entering their name or tax identification number
  • on the right, select the companies that you want to assign to the group
  • create a new group by clicking on "New group"
  • give the group name and a short description (optional)
  • click on "Save group"

  1. Both from the "Companies" and "Groups" tab
  • in the upper right corner click on "Add group"
  • give the group name and a short description (optional)
  • click on "Save group"

Group management

You can manage the created groups in the "Groups" tab. For this purpose:

  • select "three dots" for a specific item on the list
  • go to one of the options on the list

You can also do this by clicking on a specific group on the list, and then:

  • from the level of the drawer on the left, go to "More"
  • select one of the options from the drop-down list

Adding a company to a group

Also in this case, we have planned several paths so that you can choose the one that suits you best. They are described in detail in the following sections.

  1. Already at the stage of creating a group, you can add your contractors to it. In the window for adding a new group by clicking "Add companies to the group"

  1. In the "Groups" tab, search for the group to which we want to assign companies, and then from the "three dots" level on the list, select "Add companies to the group"

In both of the above cases, another window will appear.

  • use the search engine to select the desired company,
  • assign it to this specific group by clicking "Save group"

  1. In the "Companies" tab, search for a given company. Click on "three dots" and select "Add to group".

You can do this in two ways:

  • individually, adding individual companies to the contractor database
  • collectively, at the same time adding to the contractor base several companies with which you cooperate

Remember! You can assign a company to several groups.
Do you want to add a company to your contractors that you have not found on the Platform?
You have this option, go to the "Company" or "Groups" tab, and then:
- in the upper right corner, click "Add invitation"
- fill in the individual fields
- click "Send"

Benefits of building a contractor database and creating groups in the contractors module

Build a database of your contractors, create groups and then assign to them companies with which you regularly cooperate.

Why is it so important?

Does this have an impact on the automation of work on the platform?

  1. Having defined groups of contractors, you can publish freight directly to your trusted carriers.
  1. You can include personalized groups in the automatic freight publishing rules, which will optimize your work.

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