Operations at customs clearance points

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Who can use this function?

Function available to Trans for Forwarders and CargoON users.

For international transport outside the EU, customs clearance is an important part of the transport fulfillment process. It requires action both in terms of document completion and, more importantly, route planning, including a customs clearance point.

From this article you will learn:

  • how to publish a load offer with a customs clearance point

Add a freight offer with a customs clearance point

Follow these steps to add a freight offer:

  1. Select the Add freight option in the Freights module

  • Complete the add freight form
  • Click on "Add next location", which allows you to add another point on the route

  • Select Customs clearance from the available options and complete the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.

Customs clearance cannot be the first and last point on the route, a message will appear on the Platform saying what is incorrect.

  • Use the arrows to move the customs clearance to the right place

  • In this case, in this case, customs clearance can be found between loading and unloading

  1. You can view information about the route, including details about loading, customs clearance and unloading, by clicking on the dotted circle icon in the offer line of the freight list

  1. In the offer details window, you can find information including the customs clearance point. This point is also marked on the map

  1. If the offer is accepted, the next step is to complete and send the order

The order form will include details of the offer and the route points for loading, customs clearance and unloading.

  1. The booking details show all the route points data for loading, customs clearance and unloading.
Function available to users of the CargoON product line who have purchased the Dock Scheduler product and the Schedules module.

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