Possibility of suspending cooperation with a contractor

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Change of cooperation status

Attention! Only a person with the administrator role can change the cooperation status. Find out more about the roles in the company here

You already have the option to suspend cooperation (also temporary) with your contractors. If you notice, for example:

  1. Lack of efficient communication
  2. Delays in the delivery of documents
  3. Lack of care for goods
  4. Failure to comply with the transport arrangements

in the Contractors tab you can change the status of cooperation to "Suspended". In this way you will secure the company against further transactions with this contractor.

What is changing?

  1. The contractor will not receive any queries (if the company has a fixed route, is in one of your groups or could be recommended by the Trans.eu Platform algorithms).
  2. None of the employees using the services will be able to conclude transactions on the load exchange until cooperation is resumed.

  1. Offers of companies with which cooperation has been suspended will not appear in the table of loads exchange offers.
    You can view offers from companies with which you have suspended cooperation. To do so, when filtering loads exchange offers, open "MORE FILTERS" and then use the "Show hidden" option. If you want to know how such offers will be marked, go to the article.

What does not change?

  1. You will still be able to talk on the communicator with the contractor, but you will receive a message about the suspension of cooperation.
  1. The offers of this company will be visible on exchange (in the line of the offer the company name will be marked in red) but it will not be possible to accept them.

Resumption of cooperation

You can resume cooperation at any time by changing its status in the contractors tab. In this way, the possibility of concluding transactions with the indicated company will be immediately restored.

Any employee of your company as an Administrator can suspend or resume cooperation. Such rights can be added by an authorized person in the My company - Employees tab.

Remember that: 
- You suspend cooperation with the whole company, not individual people. 
- Suspending cooperation means that no employee of your company will be able to conclude transactions until they resume.
- Changing the status of cooperation is not communicated to the contractor.

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