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To support credibility on platform, we have created the possibility of applying for and issuing references.

Therefore, "Ratings and References" module allows you to:

  • ask your contractors to issue references
  • issue references
  • manage reference

How can you apply for references from your contractors?

  1. To ask your contractors for references, go to the "Ratings and References" module, then to the "Request for references" tab and click "Request references" in the right upper corner.
  1. Search for the company by entering: company name/ Tax number or TransId, select the company and click "Send request".
Remember! if you do not have the data for the quick search, you can use FILTERS to narrow down your search.

In the "Requests for references" tab you can also display all requests for references you have sent and those received from your contractors.

  • You can find the name of the company, a group that the company has been assigned to and the date the request was sent. In addition, you have the option to revoke a request by clicking "UNDO REQUEST".

If you click the list of received requests you may see the following data: the name of the company, a group that the company was assigned to, the number of joint transactions and the date the request was sent. Moreover, you have a possibility to issue references by clicking "Send references" - it will take you to the window described in point 2.

How to issue a reference?

Straight in the "Ratings and References" module, go to the "References" tab, then click "Send references" in right upper corner and follow these steps:

Select a company by putting a: name of the company/ Tax number or TransId, into the search window, click "FILTER" and select "CHOOSE".

Remember, if you don't have the data for quick search, you can use FILTERS to narrow down your search.
  1. To precisely define the aspects of cooperation in the References window you can fill in the following fields:
  • frequency of cooperation
  • cooperation type
  • content of the references
The cooperation type named also "specialty" elsewhere will be presented in the profile of the addressee as a label, which you can see on the last screen of this article. When you issue references you may precisely define the nature of the cooperation, the potential contractor will receive fine information, that may be helpful in making a decision about cooperation with a given company.
Remember, you can edit the content of the reference until you send it, but this field must not be left blank.
If you have references in paper you can attach them. PDF format required.
  1. Once the reference is ready, click "Send reference".
Please note that the reference that has already been sent, cannot be edited nor deleted. In addition, unlike a rating, you can only issue it once.

If you decide to issue references to several companies in the "Issued" window in the left bottom corner, check the "send another" field - it will shorten the process considerably.

You can issue up to 25 references at a time.

References management

In the "Ratings and References" module of the "References" tab you can filter out both the references issued by you and those received from your contractors.

Select "Received" in the list to display the following information:

  • content of the references
  • date of issuance
  • sender
  • visibility

Remember! You can both establish the visibility of a particular reference in your company profile and contact the person who has issued the reference.

You can filter and sort the references your company has received by:

  • using a search engine with your company name.
  • certified labelled specialities (if the issuer has specified the nature of the cooperation).

Where will the contractors display my references?

Active users of the Platform will display information about your references in the "Contractors" module in your company profile when choosing the "References" tab.

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