Functions of the Fixed route modules

Learn how to navigate the modules: Fixed routes with shippers and Fixed routes with carriers.

Updated 4 months ago by Sylwia

Send a fixed route offer to carriers

Use the Fixed routes with carriers module to send proposals and conclude contracts with carriers on fixed routes for transport orders.

Updated 1 month ago by Ania

Edit a fixed route

Learn how to edit an existing fixed route and what to do when a carrier rejects the terms of a fixed route.

Updated 3 months ago by Sylwia

Fixed route price/rate settings

Learn what options you have when determining the rate/price for a fixed route when negotiating with carriers, how to use the pallet price list, variable price and how to enable automatic acceptance after time.

Updated 8 hours ago by Katarzyna

Price a new fixed route as a carrier

Learn how to price a fixed route offer sent to you by a shipper and how to check the price negotiation history.

Updated 9 hours ago by Katarzyna

Acceptance of fixed route offer by carrier

Learn how to accept the terms of a fixed route as a carrier and how the shipper will be informed that the terms have been accepted.

Updated 4 months ago by Sylwia

Reject a fixed route offer

Learn how the carrier can reject a fixed route offer, how the shipper can change the proposed terms of a rejected offer and how the shipper can reject the carrier's price proposal.

Updated 3 months ago by Sylwia

Fixed routes with shippers

Learn how to receive a fixed route offer and how to handle it.

Updated 1 week ago by Katarzyna

Assign a responsible person to a fixed route

See how to assign, edit or delete the person responsible for a fixed route. Manage the notifications they receive.

Updated 2 months ago by Sylwia

Balancing types

In this article you will learn what are the types of balancing orders in the fixed route and how they work.

Updated 2 months ago by Sylwia

Search, filter and archive fixed routes

Learn how to search for fixed routes, filter and edit multiple selected fixed routes simultaneously

Updated 2 months ago by Ania

Publication of freight offer to a fixed route

Learn how to publish freights to a fixed route and what sequential and expanding publications are.

Updated 2 weeks ago by Katarzyna

Changes in the fixed routes with carriers module

Learn how to publish freight offer with a variable price to the fixed route.

Updated 3 hours ago by Katarzyna

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