Acceptance of fixed route offer by carrier

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Who can use this function?

Functionality available to all users of the Platform and CargoON, but the way of using it varies depending on the product line.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • accept a fixed route proposal - as a carrier
  • find out that the carrier has accepted your fixed route proposal

Acceptance of the fixed route terms

As a carrier, you can find proposals of fixed route terms in the Fixed routes with shippers module, in the Under negotiation tab. If the offer has a price proposed by the orderer - you can accept it straight away.

There are two ways to accept a proposal for fixed route terms:

  1. If the shipper has specified a price/rate, you can accept the terms in the list view by clicking the Accept button.
Don't see the button for accepting a fixed route offer? Check its status. For the statuses: Accept or negotiate and Propose price, you must click on the offer and in the negotiation window accept or negotiate the price.
  1. Click on the selected fixed route and open the details view of the fixed route proposal. Then click the Accept button.

Notifications of acceptance of the fixed route offer by the carrier

As you learned from the article about fixed route price/rate settings, you can send the carrier a fixed route proposal with different pricing options for your quote. Depending on these settings, the carrier may accept your offer or send you a counteroffer of the price/rate.

We will inform you of the accepted offer:

  • with a notification under the bell icon
  • by moving the offer to the Active or Awaiting tab in the detailed view of the fixed route
The Awaiting tab contains fixed route offers with terms that have not yet taken effect and are not active.
  • with the status: Offer accepted in the details view of a given offer (go to this view by clicking on the notification)

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