Add a freight offer in Loads2GO!

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Who can use this function in Loads2GO!?

Function available to carriers using the Loads2GO! application

From this article you will learn how to add a freight offer in Loads2GO!

How can I add a freight offer?

  1. Click on the three dots in the main menu at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select Add a freight offer
  1. Fill in the required information about the offer:
  • Place, date and time of loading
  • Place, date and time of unloading
  • Vehicle requirements - vehicle size, body type, freight, capacity
  • Publication details
    • Contact persons
    You are automatically assigned a contact person to your offer. Here you can assign other people from your company
    • Offer visibility
      • Public - the offer will be public for all companies
      • To carriers - the offer will go directly to companies recognized as carriers
  • Schedule publication of this offer on time - check this option to set the preferred date of publication of the offer
  • Payment options
    • Offer a price or send an inquiry
    • Specify the due date
The counter at the bottom of the screen shows how many mandatory fields have been completed so far.
  1. Click Publish offer

  1. Your offer will appear in the My freight offers tab

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