Assign a responsible person to a fixed route

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Who can use this function?

Function available to freight forwarders (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and carriers (TFC - Trans for Carriers).

From the article you will learn how to:

  • assign a responsible person to a fixed route
  • change a responsible person
  • manage the notifications received by the responsible person

When negotiating the fixed route terms with a contractor, you can assign a responsible person to the route.

Responsible persons from your company receive notifications of all route events and are designated to contact the shipper.

Do you know the difference between a contact person and a responsible person? The contact person for the carrier is the person on the shipper's side who created a fixed route proposal. The shipper can also nominate a contact person from the transport company. The contact person does not have to be the person responsible for the fixed route.

The responsible person is assigned in two ways:

  1. Automatically when your company user sends a quote proposal - the user who sends a negotiated quote proposal for a fixed route is automatically assigned as the person responsible for that fixed route.
  2. Manually by your company user - you can manually assign an employee as a contact person at any time.

Assign a responsible person

If you want to assign or change the responsible person yourself, you can do this in the Fixed routes with shippers module, in the Active or Under negotiation tab.

Find the RESPONSIBLE PERSONS column. Click on the field next to the fixed route that you want to assign a responsible person to.

Then select one or more from the list who you wish to assign to the fixed route.

Change or delete a responsible person

In order to do this, simply uncheck the people you want to replace in the drop-down list and select another employee in their place.

Hover the mouse cursor over the assigned person and click (a pencil icon will appear to indicate that it can be edited).

Then, in the expanded list, change the settings - uncheck the employees you want to replace and select those to assign as responsible.

Changes can also be made in the fixed route details view. Go to the Responsible persons tab. Here you can delete employees and add a new responsible person in their place (by clicking the ADD RESPONSIBLE PERSON button).

Manage notifications to responsible persons

You can specify how the responsible persons will be informed of changes to the fixed route. To do this, click on the given route in the list and open the Responsible persons tab in the details view.

Next to the names of the assigned responsible persons, enable or disable notifications on: messenger, e-mail, browser or platform. All persons responsible for a particular route will receive fixed route notifications according to their settings.

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