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Add a free vehicle from your fleet to the Vehicle Exchange and increase your chances of finding a load quickly. Forwarders and shippers will contact you if your vehicle offer matches their needs.

New! Change in vehicle size nomenclature.

* now "Semi-trailer" before "Lorry"

Adding a free vehicle step by step:

  1. The first way to add an offer to the exchange: go to the Vehicle exchange module, then select the "Add vehicle" option.

  1. The second way to add an offer to the vehicle exchange: go to the "My vehicle offers" module, then select the "Add vehicle" option.

  1. complete the vehicle parameters

  1. add an accessibility area by entering the location manually or using a marker directly on the map

  1. highlight the area and save the settings

  1. specify vehicle availability dates, add rate per km, and then "Add vehicle offer" to the loads exchange

  1. the offer you added will appear in the my offers tab

The entries of free cars you add are published directly on the Vehicle Exchange, which can be found above the My vehicle offers module in the bar on the left.

On the Transport Platform, in the My vehicle offers module, you can see not only the offers listed on the loads exchange at the moment ("My offers" tab), but also a detailed history of cars reported by your company ("Archive" tab).

Deleting an offer from the Vehicle Exchange

To delete a vehicle, click on the three dots symbol on the right side of the offer bar, then click "Delete offer".

Ready - the offer will disappear both from the list in the 'My offers' tab and from the Vehicle exchange.

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