Send a fixed route offer to carriers

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Who can use this function?

The module is available to all CargoON users.

Use the Fixed routes with carriers module to send proposals and sign transport contracts with carriers on fixed routes.

From the article you will learn how to:

  • send a new fixed route offer to chosen carriers
  • send the next order to a reliable carrier

Create a new fixed route proposal

  1. To create a fixed route for contractors, select the Fixed routes with carriers module and click the Add route button.

  1. Complete the add new route form:
  • Fill in the required information: fixed route name, loading and unloading place, vehicle size and capacity

  • complete the information concerning the vehicle requirements and freight characteristics (click on SHOW OTHER REQUIREMENTS/HIDE OTHER REQUIREMENTS)

  1. Click the Add conditions with the carrier button to proceed to the next step.
  2. Complete the information in the form:
  • select a carrier from the list of contractors

You can select more than one carrier from the list of contractors. All these carriers will be offered the same terms for the fixed route.

Add the carrier to the list of your contractors to send them fixed route proposals. Learn how to do this.

  • then, for each selected company, you can specify a contact person to discuss the proposed fixed route terms with.

Did you know that...
Contact person is a user from the transport company selected to receive notifications of events related to this route. If you do not specify a contact person, all users from the respective transport company will receive notifications.

  1. Define fixed route terms:
  • enter your reference number, set a fixed price or rate per kilometre, payment due date for the service provided, duration of the terms of cooperation

  • select the type of planned shipment (required, expected, no more than) to enable the possibility of detailed transport planning

  • by clicking on ADD ANOTHER SHIPMENT, you can set the transport dates and the planned number of shipments
  • if you select the Automatic order sending option, a confirmed order will be created automatically when the contractor accepts the freight.

  1. When all the fields are filled in, click the Send to carrier button
  2. You can also tick Add another carrier to route to immediately open another form to set up terms of cooperation with the next carrier.

Use this option if you want to add another carrier to the negotiation of a fixed route, but under different conditions to those previously added.

  1. After the publication, you will see a summary window with the list of selected carriers and the status of the sent fixed route offer.

  1. The fixed route you have created is automatically moved to the Under negotiation tab. The Awaiting status means that the fixed route proposal has been sent to the carrier, who can accept, remove or reject the proposed conditions after reviewing all the details.

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