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Who can use this function?

This function is available to all users of the Platform and CargoON.

How to create a custom group on Messenger?

  1. You can create a group:
  • In the Messenger panel. To do that go to the "Contacts" tab - next to the search window, click the "All" field, and then select "Manage groups" from the drop-down list.

  1. Search for any user in the Messenger in the "Contacts" tab - click the "character icon" next to the name and surname, and then select "Manage groups" from the drop-down list.

  1. In the dialog window. Click on the "character icon" and then select "Manage Groups" from the drop-down list.

Regardless of which path (described above) you choose, you will go to the next step where you can add, edit or delete a group.

  • To add a group, click the green "Add group" button, then enter the group name and click "Save".

  • To change the group name, click "Edit", then make changes and click "Save".

  • To delete a group click next to the selected item and then click "Delete".

If you have decided to delete a group, after clicking "delete", the system will ask you to confirm this action again. Click "Delete" again to confirm you are absolutely sure you want to delete it.

How to add a User to a contact group in the Messenger?

​ You can only assign a user from your contact list. You can add the user to a previously created group in two ways:

  1. Search for any user in the Messenger - click the "character icon" next to the name and surname - if this particular user is not on your contact list, you can add him to your contacts by clicking on the mentioned icon - and then select a group from the drop-down list to assign it.

  1. Click on the "character icon" in the conversation window. If the person is not on your contact list, you can add him to your contacts by clicking the icon mentioned above and then selecting the group you want to assign the contact to from the drop-down list.

Tags inform you about groups that user has been assigned to.

  • in the chat window - tags will appear under the name of the group to which the person has been assigned.

Remember! You can add a person to several groups.

  • if a contact has been assigned to more than 2 groups, an additional tag will appear in the conversation window indicating the number of other groups that the User is a member of. When you hover your cursor over this tab, you will display the names of the other groups.

People you add to your contact groups on Messenger will not receive any information about joining your group.

Where can I find Information about the number of members assigned to a particular group in Messenger?

Information about the number of people assigned to a group will be displayed in three places:

  • In the "Manage group" window (you can find in three ways as described above), next to the group name in brackets there is the number of its members.

  • In the dialog window by clicking the "character icon" on the drop-down list, next to each of the group names, the numerical composition of the group is shown in parentheses.

  • in Messenger, in the "Contacts" tab next to the search window. By clicking "All", you may expand the list where you can display the created groups, and information on the number of its members in brackets.

In Messenger "Contacts" tab when selecting a specific group, only the members of that group will appear on the contact list, and the search engine will be limited to filtering within this group.

Remember! In order to display the entire list of contacts again and be able to filter from all Users who have active accounts on the Trans Platform, in the "Contacts" tab, return to the "All" item.

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