History of vehicle routes and monitoring tasks

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Thanks to the vehicle location data registration service and thanks to the monitoring tasks performed, your company's employees can access the historical routes of the vehicle (for the entire period when the registered vehicle was associated with an active telematics device) and monitored transport tasks performed by the selected vehicle from the level of vehicle data inspection.

Check how the history of routes on the Platform works:

  • select the Fleet module from the menu on the left
  • select a vehicle from the list and click on the marker to go to the map view

  • in the history, select the date of the trips that interest you
  • confirm your choice with the green Show button

  • you have two options:
  1. all
  • detailed information is available in the list
  • select the date or time that interests you
  • the map will display the route that your driver has covered, individual positions correspond to the time intervals in which the signal from the device was available
  • the map shows interruptions in the presented route due to the lack of information about the location, e.g. due to the temporary loss of the location signal

  1. monitoring tasks
  • click on the task row to view detailed information
  • the route taken by your driver will be displayed on the map
  • from the list you can select a specific time period to view the history of the route

  • additionally, from here you can view the details of the task

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