Account authorization on the Platform

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Account authorization on the Platform (Two Factor Authentication 2FA) is a service that protects your account against unauthorized logging into the Platform. When you log in for the first time (from the moment started the service on your account) on a previously unauthorized device, we will ask you to verify your account.

An authorized customer is understood as authorized to legally use the Platform. It is also checked for the verification of personal data.

The solution was introduced to increase the safety of users of the Platform.

How does account authorization work?

  1. Log in to the Platform. The first time (from starting the service on your account), you will be asked to enter the code once.

  1. The authorization code is sent to your e-mail (consistent with the entries in the database).

  1. Enter the code sent correctly when logging in. The authorization will be saved in the cookies of the web browser you use. Check the box if you want the device to be added as a trusted device.

If you want to log in from a different computer or browser, the authorization process will be restarted.
Deleting cookies in the browser will also result in the need to start the authorization process.

Authorization code sent via SMS

We have implemented a function that allows you to send an authorization code via SMS. If you have a mobile phone number assigned to your account, you will be able to decide which channel (e-mail / SMS) you want to receive the code through when logging in. In the absence of a completed phone number, you will have the option to send the code via SMS grayed out.


  • the code for 15 minutes does not change and is the same,
  • refreshing the page with the login panel does not generate a new (different) code,
  • re-sending the code via the same channel is possible after 1 minute,
  • the code structure no longer contains letters, but only numbers.

After correctly entering the access code, you can start using the Platform.

Notifications about logging in from a new device

We have implemented the functionality of notifying users about logging in from a new device on the platform.

  • The user who logs in for the first time from a new device receives an e-mail notification about logging in with information from which IP the login was made.
  • A new device is also understood as a given browser, i.e. logging in from a different browser on the same computer or in incognito mode will also send a notification.

Notifications for authorized users.

The authorized user additionally receives notifications regarding all employees in the company.

  • The only criterion is whether the browser has already logged into a given account on the platform or whether it is "new" and treated as a new device.

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