Possibility to manually mark the execution of an operation at a route point

Updated 3 months ago by Ania

The function has been prepared for the needs of selected forwarding companies which, despite their best efforts, fail to include their carriers in the monitoring process, and thus need to report the performance of their tasks to their clients. 

Due to the possible cannibalization of the monitoring service implemented in a full manner, based on the shipper-carrier cooperation, the function is available to a limited group of companies.
Due to a limited scope planned of this function, enabling it is not available in CRM - it requires taking action by development teams each single time.

How to do it on the Platform?

  • select the Monitoring module from the menu on the left
  • go to the active tab
  • select a task from the list
  • go to the Route and load tab
  • the option mark as done is available next to loading place

  • operation will be marked as done by the operator with a note that the notification was done manually in the events tab

  • the option mark as done is also available next to unloading place

  • there will be a confirmation of the operation being marked as finished by the operator with a note it was done manually

  • the task status will change to finished and just like other tasks, it will be archived 24 hours after its completion

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