Access data in telematics systems

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When adding external telematics, you can manage access data to the telematics system.

Adding / editing access data to the telematics system
  1. Go to the Fleet module and select a vehicle for which you want to add the telematics system.

  1. In the vehicle details, click Add telematics.
  1. Search for or select a telematics provider from the list. After clicking the Use button, you will be redirected to the login panel
If you want to learn more about the telematics provider, click the Information button.
  1. If you want to:
    1. Add access data
      1. click on the Add new account link and enter your access data (login and password)
    2. Edit data:
      1. Click the edit button to change the access data.
      1. Enter correct login details.
  2. Save and continue.
Removing user access from the telematics system

In the Login to external telematics window you can delete your user account. Click the cross icon to start the process of deleting the user account.

Changing a telematics system provider

In the Login to external telematics window you can change the telematics system provider.

Clicking on Change supplier will bring you back to the telematics system selection window.

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