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Why online contract?

The Platform is much more than just a loads exchange. It gives you new opportunities to obtain interesting and safe cooperation proposals. To be able to use our Platform fully, you must accept the online contract.

What do you gain?

  1. The ability to receive freight proposals directly from trusted Shippers and Forwarders,
  2. Possibility of permanent cooperation with reliable contractors,
  3. The ability to acquire loads directly through a special Platform algorithm (SmartMatch), which automatically offers you tailored cooperation offers.

Why it is so important?

The online agreement increases your security on the Platform. Among other things, because you can establish permanent cooperation with partners you trust.

How much it costs?

Switching to an online contract is absolutely free. The rates for using the loads exchange will not change either. We only charge small fees for accepting some freight proposals, which on the old version of the Platform simply could not reach your company.

How it works?

First of all, fair - additional fees are charged only if your company benefits from new functionalities. Therefore, if you make transactions on the loads exchange (as before) - no additional amounts will be charged. However, if you accept the offer sent, e.g. by the SmartMatch algorithm - then we will add a small fee for the successful transaction to your invoice - completely transparent. The micropayment pricelist can be found here. A statement of all calculated micropayments can be found in the "Billing and invoices" tab on the Platform.

Micropayments are not charged on the freight exchange. There are no additional fees for using the exchange.

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